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Begin Life drawing

Begin Life drawing.  Banish your worries and learn to enjoy your life drawing by learning all the fundamental skills and techniques.  Classes are fully taught with lots demonstrations and 1:1 tuition aimed at meeting your specific needs.

These are stand-alone classes. You can choose which classes you wish to attend and how many you wish to book.  This is the perfect opportunity to learn if you have never had life drawing tuition or need a quick recap of life drawing fundamentals. You decide how many classes you need to attend.

Gain the skills and techniques to become a confident life drawer and make the most of the peer-led drawing sessions you attend.

This tutor-led class is an alternative to the regular peer-led life drawing sessions held by Creative Life drawing Manchester on the 1st, 3rd and 4th Tuesday each month.

Suitable for absolute-beginners and improversEveryone is welcome.
2nd Tuesday evening each month, stand-alone classes

Students at Drawing the head course with Heather Spears

Key Information


Time: 6.30 – 8.30
Dates: 2nd Tues each month


includes life model fees

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  • The Begin Life drawing classes are designed as stand-alone classes to help beginners get a confident foot up onto the first rung of the life drawing ladder.

    All my other courses are suitable for everyone.  But why?

    Mixed ability classes are dynamic and offer increased learning opportunities.
    Beginners are inspired by working alongside more experienced learners.
    Experienced learners build self confidence by sharing their knowledge and skills.

    Streamed classes can put a ‘glass ceiling’ on your learning and limit your progression.
    Adult learners bring a life time of skills and experience to the class.  This can’t be streamed.
    I believe in leaving the opportunity open for unexpected leaps of learning and creativity that can propel students beyond the narrow definitions of ‘beginner, intermediate or advanced’.

     This is why – We draw. We learn.  Have fun – together.

  •  Essential items to bring
    Pencil: 4B, 6B, 8B or 9B
    Plastic erasor
    Kneadable ‘putty’ rubber
    * Newsprint paper

    * This can be purchased at the studio.

    Optional items to bring
    Chalk pastels (if you want to work in colour)
    Baby wipes (hand cleansing tissues)
    Rag (old cloth) for smudging charcoal or paint when drawing
    Wear old clothes or bring an apron
    Pen and notebook for taking notes during the classes

  • This is a new class, so no testimonial just yet.  However I’m confident they’ll as great the ones I get from my other courses. 
    Read them by clicking here.

  • 2nd Tuesday each month:
    Stand-alone classes
    6.30 – 8.30pm

    Brian Raymond

    Beginner + improver, adults

    Group Size
    Min 6 – Max 10

    Course includes tea, coffee & biscuits. Please provide your own lunch on full day courses,workshops and classes.


  • Have a look at the Meetup website.

    Click Here

  • Materials you will use

    The following are included as part of the course fee.

    • Compressed Charcoal 
    • Willow Charcoal
    • Chalk pastels

    The following items are provided
    Drawing boards
    Masking tape
    Other materials & equipment as well

    The following items are available to purchase
    Newsprint paper

Course structure

The Begin Life drawing classes are stand-alone classes.  You can choose when you want to attend and how many you need before you feel ready to leave the class with the confidence to continue your life drawing with the peer-led Creative Life drawing Manchester, or the group of your choice.

Click the blue Materials to bring tab
to see what you need to bring.

 Classes: 2nd Tuesday each month

You can choose which classes you wish to attend and how many you wish to book.

You will be drawing from various life models with regular 1:1 tuition and guidance aimed to meet your own specific needs. The classes will offer teaching that covers many of the fundamental life drawing skills such as;

  • Proportion and measuring techniques
  • Scale
  • Perspective / foreshortening
  • Shading + tone
  • Movement
  • Gesture drawing
  • Contour drawing
  • Drawing the head
  • Drawing details such as hands, feet, facial features
  • Using charcoal, pencil
  • Using coloured chalk pastel

Student Quote

“2-point perspective, shading, scale and proportions – this will help my drawing as I had no knowledge of this before.”
Colette F

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 Learning Links

These stand-alone classes are designed to support you by giving you the confidence and skills to attend the peer-led life drawing group, Creative Life drawing Manchester, that meet at my studio on the 1st, 3rd and 4th Tuesday each month – or any other life drawing group of your choice. 

Suitable for beginners to experienced artists
Read the testimonials and view the photos on the meetup website to see what the group have to say.

What can I expect

Individual attention
Learn in a supportive, relaxed and encouraging environment, with teaching by step by step demonstrations.  Allow your enjoyment and confidence to grow. 

Drawing made simple
Learn the principles behind good drawing and then put the theory into practice. Learn the techniques and knowledge that will enable you to draw and paint with confidence.

Be Brand aware
Learn which brands offer you quality, and those that won’t stand up to the job.

Beat your budget
Learn what pencils, brushes, paints and paper you need to use – and those you don’t.

Guided art shop tour
You have the option to join me on a tour through H Blyth and Co in the Northern Quarter so you can learn about all the materials, equipment, paint mediums, gels and potions on offer! Have all your burning questions answered so you can begin to draw and paint with the correct equipment and materials.

Choose this course if you want to learn all the basics about the materials and techniques you need to get started
with drawing and painting.

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