Drawing techniques

Learn how to improve your creativity and drawing skills.  Each week will teach you practical techniques to help you draw more expressively, improve your inventiveness, and interpretation by developing a new clarity of vision.

Each week will take you through experiential processes developed by internationally renowned artist, author and poet, Heather Spears in her book ‘The Creative Eye’.  You will be guided towards making drawings with renewed energy and liveliness, how to go beyond drawing the predictable, with help to draw free from inhibition and cliches. Rejuvenate your drawing and creativity on this insightful and informative course.

Suitable for all abilities.  Everyone is welcome.
Monday or Wednesday evening course

Key Information

Start: 11 Sept 2017

Sept 11, 18, 25, Oct 2, 9, 16
6 x Mon eve
Time: 6.30 – 9pm


includes most materials

Places available
  • My courses are suitable for everyone.  But why?

    Mixed ability classes are dynamic and offer increased learning opportunities.
    Beginners are inspired by working alongside more experienced learners.
    Experienced learners build self confidence by sharing their knowledge and skills.

    Streamed classes can put a ‘glass ceiling’ on your learning and limit your progression.
    Adult learners bring a life time of skills and experience to the class.  This can’t be streamed.
    I believe in leaving the opportunity open for unexpected leaps of learning and creativity that can propel students beyond the narrow definitions of ‘beginner, intermediate or advanced’.

     This is why – We draw. We learn.  Have fun – together.

  • Essential items to bring
    Pencil: 4B, 6B, 8B or 9B
    Kneadable ‘putty’ rubber
    Drawing paper:
      Winsor & Newton, Medium Surface Cartridge Pad – A2, 220gsm   -or-
      Daler Rowney Fine Grain – heavy weight drawing pad – A2, 200gsm

    Optional items to bring
    Baby wipes (hand cleansing tissues)
    Rag (old cloth) for smudging charcoal or paint when drawing
    Wear old clothes or bring an apron
    Pen and notebook for taking notes during the course

  • Diaries from previous courses

  • “Loved it! you’ve shown me a different way to approach art and my creativity.  I feel as if you’ve opened up in me a new way of seeing things.  I loved experimenting and exploring ways of doing things.”
    Donna B

    “I enjoyed learning with, and watching [learning from] others.  I will now do more and think less… Fun, interesting, thought provoking.”
    Lawrence G

    “Loved it, not just the drawing experience but meeting like-minded people.”
    Meg K

    “Big learning experience.  Makes me look at art differently.  Hard work at times, frustrating some times.”
    Kellie K

    “Extremely challenging-difficulty in understanding some of the concepts. Incredibly stimulating and very enjoyable and thought provoking.”
    Steve R

    “It has been like being allowed to play… such a pleasure, lovely people.”
    Theresa H | 2013

  • Evening Courses: 6.30-9pm
    Tutor: Brian Raymond

    Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced, adults

    Group Size
    Min 6 – Max 10

    Course includes tea, coffee & biscuits. Please provide your own lunch on full day courses,workshops and classes.


  • Have a look at the Course gallery.

    Click Here

  • Materials you will use

    Apart from your sketchbook and basic drawing materials, all the following are included as part of the course fee.

    • Charcoal (compressed and willow)
    • Chalk pastels
    • Soft pencils 
    • Conte
    • Newsprint
    • A1 cartridge paper

    The following items are provided
    Drawing boards
    Masking tape
    Bulldog clips
    Newsprint paper
    Other materials & equipment as well

Course structure

The course is divided into six 2.5 hour sessions and focuses on drawing a variety of still-life arrangements designed to inspire you and support my teaching.  Every session will teach you practical tips and techniques to help you avoid common drawing mistakes, draw with increased creativity, accuracy, and self-confidence.

Click the blue Materials to bring tab
to see what you need to bring.

Class 1

Experimental drawing
This session will improve your drawing by teaching you how to increase the variety of expressive marks.  
The course begins with a gentle introduction to get you thinking about creativity in your life and swiftly moves on to an exercise to develop your drawing and mark-making skills.  Increasing the quality and kinds of marks, textures and smudges you use in your drawings is crucial in creating exciting and visually stunning drawings. 
Class includes:

  • Drawing exercises
  • Drawing project | still life

Class 2

Return to innocence
This session will improve your drawing by teaching you to draw with inventiveness, purity and artistic honesty.  
Picasso stated that, ‘It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.’  This session will attempt to give you the experience of returning to innocence in 2 hours!  Finding ways of entering the hallowed ‘creative space’ that artists need in order to produce fresh, personal and unique drawings is vital to enable us make drawings that express our own unique voice as artists. 
Class includes:

  • Drawing exercises

Class 3

The sculptural quality of drawing
This session will improve your drawing by teaching you to observe shape and proportion more accurately and draw shapes with volume and weight.  
The sculptor chisels stone or carves clay to create 3D form.  This session looks at how we can learn to draw like a sculptor using our charcoal to create convincing 3D shapes with form and volume on our flat paper.  This is the ambiguous predicament of all artists who draw and paint.  This session will help you observe weight, shape, volume, proportion and enable you to draw objects that feel real.
Class includes:

  • Drawing exercises
  • Drawing project | still life

Class 4

The nature of line
This session will improve your drawing by teaching you about line and help you draw more freely and intuitively giving your drawings more energy and liveliness.  
Have you ever thought about what line is?  Probably not!  It’s only when we truly know something that we can harness its full potential.  This session introduces you to line so you can, in future, use it to its full expressive ability. 
Class includes:

  • Discussion
  • Drawing exercises
  • Drawing project | still life

Class 5

Beyond the named
This session will improve your drawing by teaching you how to closely observe detail and draw what you ‘see’, not what you think you know.  
Our creativity is increasingly stifled the more we name, label, and categorise things.  This session explains why our brains are programmed to do this and tries to give you a way of accessing the creative right-side of our brain.  Learning to draw what we ‘see’ rather than what we ‘know’ is the Holy Grail for artists, as this is where you will find your unique artistic voice.
Class includes:

  • Drawing exercises
  • Drawing project | still life

Class 6

Paying attention
This session will improve your drawing by teaching you how to leave your ‘critical self’ behind and enable you to harness all your creativity and inventiveness to create inspiring drawings. Many students tell me, ‘they concentrate harder during my art classes than they ever do at work’.  Creativity requires both intensive concentration and the need to be playful.  Resolving this contradiction between paying attention and playing into one creative experience is the only way to access the ‘creative zone’ where time flies and we enjoy the creative ‘buzz’ where we leave a class with more energy than when we arrived. 
Class includes:

  • Drawing project | still life (full session)

Student Quote

“Loved it! you’ve shown me a different way to approach art and my creativity.  I feel as if you’ve opened up in me a new way of seeing things.  I loved experimenting and exploring ways of doing things.”
Donna B

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 Learning Links

Why not follow up this course with the Draw + paint: next steps course to give yourself further opportunities to develop your creative confidence in drawing and painting.  Embed and reinforce what you have already learnt, discover how your current knowledge and experience can be developed as you continue your journey towards unlocking your creative potential.  You will have the time and be given encouragement to follow your own creative ideas over 4 different creative projects during the weekend.

Suitable for beginners to experienced artists
Read the testimonials on the course pages and you’ll see what other students have said.

What can I expect

  • 6 carefully structured lessons each exploring a different aspect of how to improve your drawing.
  • Drawing projects to learn techniques that will improve your observation and drawing skills.
  • Practical exercises to help you understand the creative process.
  • Loads of individual attention in a supportive, relaxed and encouraging atmosphere.
  • Encouragement to explore, experiment and discover.

Choose this course if you want to learn to observe and draw better, understand the creative process and develop a fine art approach to drawing.

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  1. Barry Taylor
    February 9, 2017 @ 4:34 pm


    Would you still accept someone onto the Drawing Techniques course having missed the first session? Assuming those last two places haven’t gone, of course!
    Thanks, Barry


    • artfulantics
      February 10, 2017 @ 2:15 pm

      Hi Barry. Those 2 places are still available. Email me directly to brian@creativeartcourses.org and I’ll send you details on how to book. Hope this helps. Regards, Brian


  2. Oli
    December 21, 2016 @ 2:35 pm


    I am interested in signing up for this course but am already booked Monday evenings, it mentions near the top of the page Monday or Wednesday evenings but the dates listed are all Mondays. Are there any Wednesday evening courses?


    • artfulantics
      December 21, 2016 @ 9:14 pm

      HI Oli
      I teach each of my classes about twice a year so I tend to alternate the evening courses between a Mon and Wed evening. This time round this course falls on a Monday night. The next course will be in Autumn 2017 which will probably be on a Wed evening.

      However, I do teach my course called The Art Elements on a Wed evening which starts on 3rd May 2017. Hope this helps. Email me directly if you have any more questions. Kind regards, Bx


  3. Golda Pace
    April 7, 2015 @ 7:56 pm

    Hi, will you be running this course or similiar in August?


    • artfulantics
      April 7, 2015 @ 8:15 pm

      Hi Golda
      This course will be running again on May 29th and then on September 25th. I don’t run courses during the Summer holiday period (August).
      Hope this helps you decide which course you would like to do. Feel free to get in touch again if you have further questions.


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