Explore acrylic painting 


Explore acrylic painting. The ideal 8 week course for beginners, improvers and intermediate artists to learn a wide range of acrylic painting techniques.  The relaxed and inspiring studio environment is the perfect place to learn and develop your skills and techniques with supportive, encouraging and expert tuition from experienced teachers.

The exercises set for you by your dedicated tutor will enable you to progress through each of the 3 levels giving you the opportunity to move from beginner, to improver, to intermediate level and beyond. Follow the course structure and you’ll be sure to see your acrylic painting improve as your confidence and creative skills grow.

The Explore acrylic painting course is the perfect place to learn acrylic painting with dedicated 1:1 support from an experienced tutor.


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Suitable for beginners, improvers and intermediate artistsEveryone is welcome.
Weekly day-time course

Key Information

Summer term

Day: Tuesdays
Time: 10 – 12pm
May 16, 23, June 6, 13, 20, 27,
July 4, 11
Tutor: Brigid Brind


Places available
  • The leisure learning day-time courses offer a relaxed and supportive learning environment allowing you to learn and progress at a pace comfortable for you. Experienced tutors will set you inspiring projects to teach you the skills and techniques that will enable you to progress and develop as an artist while discovering your own unique style of drawing and painting.

    Suitable for beginners, improvers and intermediate artists.

    Leisure learning courses are great to join if you’re looking for regular tutor support, while learning with like-minded people in a social, friendly and supportive studio environment.

    More > about my teaching style and ethos.

  • Items to bring
    Pencil: 4B, 6B
    Plastic erasor
    A choice of synthetic paint brushes 
    Plastic paint palette
    Winsor & Newton, Medium Surface Cartridge Pad – A3, 220gsm -or-
    Daler Rowney Fine Grain – heavy weight drawing pad – A3, 200gsm

    If unsure please bring what you can and wait to ask the tutor at 1st session.

    Optional items to bring
    Baby wipes (hand cleansing tissues)
    Rag (old cloth) for cleaning brushes
    Wear old clothes or bring an apron

    Freely available in the studio
    Drawing boards
    Water tubs
    Still life objects to draw and paint

  • “Really good. Everyone was really friendly. I feel I understand a lot more about colour than when i first arrived. It builds up your confidence and Brigid is a lovely teacher.”
    Deb G

    “This experience was really good because the teacher explained everything really well.  It was relaxing and a very good experience.”
    Lucia L

    “Learnt about colour theory, how to blend colours and different types of acrylic paints. Very friendly people and a great teacher.
    Julia G

    “Enjoyed it – learned and developed my knowledge of acrylic painting and improved my still-life techniques. Relaxed – spacious facility – friendly.”
    Rod W

    “Very enjoyable. Knowledgeable teacher with loads of hints and tips for improving work. Very approachable teacher, lovely studio.”
    Gill C

    “I have learnt a lot about acrylics  and colour mixing, and to draw and paint with more accuracy and flair.  I could not produce an acrylic painting before I attended this course, was able to by the end!” 
    Helen S

    “Learnt a lot. I can now start to paint – always been very wary.  Now I have much more understanding.” Barbara H


  • Have a look at the Course gallery.

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  • Weekly day-time course:
    Time: 10 – 12pm

    Brigid Bind

    Beginner, Improver, intermediate adults

    Group Size
    Min 6 – Max 10

    Tea & coffee available by donation. Please supply your own milk and any other refreshments.

  • Materials you will use

    • Acrylic paints

    The following items are provided
    Drawing boards
    Other studio-based equipment

Course structure

The Explore acrylic painting course is actually 3 courses in 1.  The tutor teachers everyone at their own level.  Not everyone will start at beginner level – it’s about what is appropriate for you.  You decide, with guidance from your tutor, what level is appropriate for you during your first class and then work through the set exercises and projects for that particular level over the rest of the course.  If you’re inspired to progress further just sign up for a 2nd block of 8 weeks to progress to the next level.

Your tutor is experienced at teaching acrylic painting to mixed ability groups so you can feel confident that you will enjoy supportive and encouraging teaching that meets your specific needs at whatever level you are currently working at.

Beginner level

Week 1

Relaxed and fun introduction to acrylic paints with lots of experimenting and learning.

Week 2

Discover how colour works and how best to exploit it to good effect in your paintings.

Week 3

Still life painting on paper using limited colour palette with inspiration from the artist Giorgio Morandi.

Week 4

Learn how to make objects look 3D while painting a 2nd still life and discover more about colour relationships.

Week 5

Improve your colour mixing skills to help you mix the colours you want effortlessly, while painting abstract textured shapes.

Week 6

Bring your paintings to life with textures created using colour and brush techniques.

Week 7

Learn creative ways of working from photos for the start of a 2 week landscape painting project. 

Your tutor will be by your side with full support and guidance throughout the project.

Week 8

Continue with your landscape painting with full support from your tutor putting into practice everything you have learnt.

Improver level

Week 1

Be inspired by other artist’s work to create your own abstract images to gain a better understanding of composition and the Art Elements.

Week 2

Deepen your understanding of texture, line, tone, shape, form and colour with the freedom to create your own inspired compositions.

Week 3

Improve your paintbrush control to create a tonal and textured painting with a dynamic focal point in your own chosen style in this 2 week project.

Week 4

Learn the art of making notes and experimenting in your sketchbook while completing your painting started last session.

Week 5

Learn more techniques to create texture and line using unusual tools like cling film, cutlery and wire to make your own abstract composition.

Week 6

Discover how different surfaces affects your paintings by working on newspaper, brown paper, fabric plastic or metal with simple printing and stamping techniques to add depth and interest to your work.

Week 7

Select the materials and techniques  you wish to use from the previous week’s experiments to create a painting in your own chosen style over this 2 week project.

Your tutor will be by your side with full support and guidance throughout the project.

Week 8

Continue and complete with your painting with full support from your tutor putting into practice everything you have learnt.

Intermediate level

Week 1

Paint a self portrait with inspiration from the expressive and symbolic colour used by Fauvist artists like Gauguin and Matisse.

Week 2

Learn how to use a palette knife to paint a still life with energetic, textured shapes and surfaces.

Week 3

Extend your palette knife skills by starting a 2 week project to paint an image in your own style.

Week 4

Complete your palette knife composition with full support and guidance from your tutor.

Week 5

Build on what you already know about creating texture and line with unusual objects and explore more mark making options with cling film, cutlery, wire, etc.

Week 6

Creating translucent and transparent layers adds depth and detail to your painting.  Create a series of abstract backgrounds using your knowledge of your materials, colour, shape and composition.

Week 7

Focus on developing your layered backgrounds from last week by adding in your chosen images (either abstract, figurative or still life) to create a painting in your own style.  Your chance to showcase all that you have learnt.

Your tutor will be by your side with full support and guidance throughout the project.

Week 8

Continue and complete with your painting with full support from your tutor putting into practice everything you have learnt.

Student Quotes

“Really good.  Everyone was really friendly.  It built up my confidence and the tutor was lovely.”
Deb G

“Enjoyed it – learnt, developed my knowledge of acrylic painting and still-life techniques.  Relaxed, spacious studio – friendly.”
Rod W

What can I expect

Individual attention
Learn in a supportive, relaxed and encouraging environment, with teaching by step by step demonstrations.  Allow your enjoyment and confidence to grow. 

Acrylic painting made simple
Learn the principles behind good acrylic painting and then put the theory into practice. Learn the techniques and knowledge that will enable you to paint in acrylics with confidence.

Learn at your own pace
We understand everyone learns at a different pace and in different ways with different objectives.  This class allows you the freedom to develop in your own direction, at a leisurely pace that will ensure you maximise your enjoyment.

Choose this class if you want to learn how to paint in acrylics.

 Learning Links

Why not combine this ‘leisure learning’ course with a skills boost by booking on one of my weekend or evening courses.   They will give you a focused and structured learning experience in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.  

Suitable for beginners to experienced artists
Read the testimonials on the course pages and you’ll see what other students have said.

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