Week-end Course List

The ‘Be more Creative’ series of 2-day weekend courses are ‘structured learning’ opportunities designed to support your ongoing development as an independent and confident artist, teaching you new techniques to help develop your artistic skills and creativity.  

Total Learning hours: 10

Cost: includes most materials
Days: Sat + Sun | 10 – 3.30 / 4.30pm

Begin to Draw and Paint

A course for beginners that gives you a solid foundation for all your drawing and painting. Find out what equipment you need and what you don’t, with step by step instruction on how to use them properly. 

Draw + paint: next steps

Take further steps forward to developing your drawing and painting skills, and establish a solid foundation of confidence and creativity on which to discover exciting new directions in your art making.  Journey towards unlocking your creative potential.

Creative Sketchbooks

The course teachers you how to collect ideas, experiment with techniques and develop your vision. Travel a creative journey to make a creative artists sketchbook full of new and exciting possibilities.

Mixed media: texture

A course that teaches you a wide variety of techniques to build up tactile, textured relief surfaces and visual textures.  You will leave with a wealth of ideas that will give your paintings a new dimension and depth.

Cityscapes: urban sketching

The course gives you the opportunity to develop your 2-point perspective while drawing local heritage buildings in historical Ancoats.  You will learn a variety of creative urban sketching techniques to transform your pencil sketches into works of art.

Re-interpreting still life

The course helps you explore ways of creating the pictures you want. Working from still life objects you will be encouraged to rigorously re-imagine the display in creative and personal ways.

Experimental drawing

Free your imagination through exploring the art of drawing in it’s purest form.  The course will encourage you to move beyond realism by trusting your innate imagination, intuition and sense of play.  

Abstract Art

Learn how to create stunning abstract images.  Learn about the  formal elements of line, form, colour, tone, shape, pattern and texture through play and experimentation, using a variety of materials and techniques.

Dynamics of colour

The course will help you understand the complexities of colour and bring a new sense of joy and fun to the process of mixing colours.


  • High quality teaching to nurture your creative spirit, actively encouraging you to find and develop your own artistic voice.
  • Your learning and artistic self-confidence lies at the heart of every art course I have planned.
  • Art courses and drawing classes designed around your needs as a developing artist.
  • Skills and techniques that provide the springboard to your future artistic independence can be learnt on all my drawing classes.
  • All ability levels are welcome on all my art courses and drawing classes.  My teaching suits all ability levels.