Be more creative – series 

The Be more Creative 2-day weekend courses are all designed to support your ongoing development as an independent and confident artist.  The series of short courses offer you different starting points to enable your creativity to flourish.  There is the opportunity to learn a variety of techniques, processes, artistic best practice, all sprinkled with a dose of good old fashioned inspiration!
Simply book the courses you want to do, when you want, and leave those you don’t.

Suitable for all abilities.  Everyone is welcome.
Sat + Sun weekend course

Key Information

Days: Sat + Sun
10 – 4pm
Brian Raymond





  • My courses are suitable for everyone. But why?

    Mixed ability classes are dynamic and offer increased learning opportunities.
    Beginners are inspired by working alongside more experienced learners.
    Experienced learners build self confidence by sharing their knowledge and skills.

    Streamed classes can put a ‘glass ceiling’ on your learning and limit your progression.
    Adult learners bring a life time of skills and experience to the class. This can’t be streamed.
    I believe in leaving the opportunity open for unexpected leaps of learning and creativity that can propel students beyond the narrow definitions of ‘beginner, intermediate or advanced’.

    This is why – We draw. We learn. Have fun – together.

Creative Sketchbooks 

The Creative Sketchbooks 2-day course will show you how to use and develop your creative ideas.  We will cover a variety of processes to show you how to collect ideas, experiment with techniques, develop your vision, and travel a creative journey to new and exciting possibilities you may not have previously considered.
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Mixed media: texture

The Painting with Textures 2-day course covers a wide variety of techniques to build up textured and relief surfaces.  You will leave with a wealth of ideas that will give your paintings a new dimension and depth, along with developing your creativity and artistic self confidence.
Full course details >>

Cityscapes: urban sketching techniques

The Cityscapes + Collage 2-day course takes inspiration from our Grade 2 listed textile mill and the immediate surroundings of the Rochdale Canal.  Starting with observational drawings from inside and outside the mill, we will use collage and mixed media to further develop and work into our drawings.  You will become increasingly confident in transforming your pencil sketches into works of art.
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Re-interpreting Still life

Learn to create the pictures you want – don’t be constricted by what you see in front of you.  Gain control of how you use your page.  Working from still life objects you will be encouraged to rigorously re-imagine the display in creative and personal ways.
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Experimental Drawing

The Experimental Drawing 2-day course is about freeing your imagination through exploring the art of drawing in it’s purest form.  The course will encourage you to move beyond realism and representation by trusting your innate imagination, intuition and sense of play.  
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The Be more Creative series of 2-day weekend courses will give you the perfect structure to continue developing your arts practice at home, or if you have time during the week to join Ancoats Visual Arts.  You will be able to continue your projects and develop the ideas and techniques you have just learnt with encouragement and support from your peers in the creative and friendly Gallery Studio.
The Be more Creative series of 2-day Courses will also give you the confidence to continue working independently at home. 

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  1. Apollonia
    March 8, 2015 @ 9:17 pm

    i would like to start soon


    • artfulantics
      March 8, 2015 @ 9:28 pm

      Great. There are still places available and you can book on the website using PayPal. Let me know if you have any questions about the course. Regards.


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