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Creative drawing: next steps

Creative drawing: next steps.  Building on what you already know about drawing and mixed media, you will learn further skills in 4 key areas that are essential to improving your drawing, mixed media and creativity.

This course will enable you to establish a solid foundation of confidence and creativity on which to consolidate your existing style or discover exciting new directions in your art making. Journey towards unlocking your creative potential.

Learn further skills to improve your drawing methodology; strengthening your composition skills; enhance your observational skills; and free up your creative flow. The creative drawing projects you will be working on over the weekend will enable you to learn and explore drawing and mixed media with a variety of materials that include pencil and graphite; chalk pastels; pen and wash (with watercolour or acrylics); and a very versatile and creative mixed media painting technique.

You will leave the course inspired along with a new level of self confidence in your drawing, painting and mixed media abilities.

Creative drawing: next steps is the course for those beginners who are ready to take the next step to establishing confident drawing, mixed media and creative skills.
Begin to draw + paint
is the absolute beginners guide to essential drawing + painting techniques and guide to art materials. 

Suitable for beginners, improvers & intermediate artists.
Everyone is welcome.
Sat + Sun weekend course

Creative drawing: next steps

Key Information


9 – 10 Dec 2017

Days: Sat + Sun
Time: 10 – 4.30pm


includes most materials

Places available
  • The Begin to Draw and Paint course is designed to help beginners get a foot up onto the first rung of the creative ladder.

    All my other courses are suitable for everyone.  But why?

    Mixed ability classes are dynamic and offer increased learning opportunities.
    Beginners are inspired by working alongside more experienced learners.
    Experienced learners build self confidence by sharing their knowledge and skills.

    Streamed classes can put a ‘glass ceiling’ on your learning and limit your progression.
    Adult learners bring a life time of skills and experience to the class.  This can’t be streamed.
    I believe in leaving the opportunity open for unexpected leaps of learning and creativity that can propel students beyond the narrow definitions of ‘beginner, intermediate or advanced’.

     This is why – We draw. We learn.  Have fun – together.

  •  Essential items to bring
    Pencil: 4B, 6B, 8B or 9B
    Plastic erasor
    Kneadable ‘putty’ rubber
    Drawing paper:
    Winsor & Newton, Medium Surface Cartridge Pad – A2, 220gsm -or-
    Daler Rowney Fine Grain – heavy weight drawing pad – A2, 200gsm

    Optional items to bring
    Baby wipes (hand cleansing tissues)
    Rag (old cloth) for smudging charcoal or paint when drawing
    Wear old clothes or bring an apron
    Pen and notebook for taking notes during the course

  • Diaries from previous courses

  • “For anyone who loves drawing or WANTS to love drawing – it’s a must.”
    Hazel D

    “Brilliant, exciting re-discovering your skills you already have and improving on them.  Really packed with new experiences 10/10. Uplifting.”
    Cheryl W

    “Extremely informative and challenging.  Anyone interested in either developing skills or finding out for the first time would benefit.”
    Stephen C

    “Firstly, it was very supportive and relaxed environment.  Brian was very positive about your work. I feel very enthusiastic about continuing my art outside the class.”
    Krissy B

  • 2-day weekend:
    Sat: 10 – 4pm
    Sun: 10 – 4pm

    Brian Raymond

    Beginner, Improver

    Group Size
    Min 6 – Max 10

    Course includes tea, coffee & biscuits. Please provide your own lunch on full day courses,workshops and classes.

  • Have a look at the course gallery.

    Click Here

  • Materials you will use

    The following materials are included as part of the course fee.

    • Graphite
    • Charcoal (compressed and willow)
    • Chalk pastels
    • Watercolour or acrylic paints
    • Pen and ink

    The following items are provided
    Drawing boards
    Masking tape
    Other materials & equipment as well

Course structure

Consider enrolling on this course if you’ve been taught all the basic principles of drawing on my Begin to draw + paint course or elsewhere; you’ve been dabbling in drawing for many years; or you went to art school but haven’t touched a sketchbook in many years, and you still feel your creative drawing confidence is not what it should be.  Perhaps you feel drawing should flow better, be less stressful, be more enjoyable, or you’re just not happy with the results you’re getting – but don’t know why?

This course is designed to resolve all these issues by leading you through 4 creative drawing, painting and mixed media projects aimed at giving you increased levels of drawing confidence.  You will leave refreshed, inspired and more highly skilled in the technical and creative sides of drawing, feeling more able to create the kinds of drawings and paintings you’ve always wanted to.

 Session 1 (Saturday morning)
Drawing methodology

How you approach the initial stages of drawing is vitally important to how your drawings and paintings progress.  Having a plan as to how to progress through the different stages is equally important as it provides you with a structure to fall back on – especially if things are not going well.  This morning will provide you with a road-map of how best to approach your drawing and painting.

This morning’s drawing project will teach you how to tackle drawing complicated objects – and make it feel easy! We will be exploring the full creative potential of pencil and graphite.

 Session 2 (Saturday afternoon)
Composition skills
Being able to draw individual objects is great, but how do you begin to think about building a picture of multiple objects?  This afternoon’s project will teach you how to consider composition.  You will learn how to create a focal point, develop a hierarchy of interest so your placement of objects is well thought out, along with considering the role of tone and colour in creating an appealing visual journey for the viewer to better engage with your drawings and paintings.

This afternoon’s drawing and painting project will teach you how to create an effective cohesive composition. We will be exploring the full creative potential of pen and ink with either watercolour or acrylic colour wash.

 Session 3 (Sunday morning)
Observational skills
Developing your ability to observe details is about training your eye over many hours of drawing.  Developing the skills of seeking out information and ‘learning through drawing’ is what being an artist is all about.  This morning’s project will give you the opportunity to seek out as many new details from the most familiar subject of all – yourself!  By the end of the project you will have learnt that it is possible to see more and more detail the longer we draw – and it’s this detail which keeps us and the viewer interested in looking at our drawings and paintings.

This morning’s drawing project will teach you how to increase your observational skills giving you confidence that you can ‘see like an artist’ We will be exploring the full creative potential of chalk pastel and pencil.

 Session 4 (Sunday afternoon)
Creativity with a free-spirit
Satisfying drawing and painting is about a balance of technical and creative skills.  Knowing you can create controlled, as well as free-spirited drawings will give you the confidence to leave knowing you can tackle any drawing and painting project in the future.  This afternoon will give you the freedom to use all your newly developed skills and combine them with a fresh free-spirited approach to drawing.

This afternoon’s mixed-media project will give you the opportunity to let all your technical skills (adopting the right approach, composition, and observation) settle, and give you the springboard to allow your creative free-spirit rise up and take the lead.

We will be exploring the full creative potential of charcoal, emulsion, chalk pastel and drawing ink to give free expression to your experience of the wonderfully enigmatic Grade 2 listed Hope Mill.

Student Quote

This is a new course – so no testimonials just yet.  But I’m sure they will be great!
Brian R

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 Learning Links

This course links well with the Drawing Techniques course no matter which one you attend first.  You’ll gain an in-depth look at the nature of creativity and learn further techniques to develop a fine art approach to drawing. 

This course links equally well with the Art Elements course which will give you further insights into line, tone, colour, and a whole lot more to help you stay in control of the creative process.

Suitable for beginners to experienced artists
Read the testimonials on the course pages and you’ll see what other students have said.

What can I expect

  • 4 carefully structured creative drawing and painting projects each designed to enable you to learn and establish a confident foundation for future creative projects.
  • Creative drawing projects that support your learning to use a variety of drawing and painting materials.
  • Practical exercises and projects to help you learn and further develop both practical and creative skills.
  • Loads of individual attention in a supportive, relaxed and encouraging atmosphere.
  • Encouragement to explore, experiment and discover.

Choose this course if you want to develop your drawing, observation, composition and creative skills further – and establish a strong confident foundation for future creative projects.

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