Drawing: Secrets of artistic expression-week 1

I taught the first session of my 5-week drawing course last night. Had a great time with the 9 students who enrolled. We created some expressive intuitive and emotionally charged drawings. It really showed just what drawing should be all about – making a personal connection with your subject matter and creating a drawing that tells the viewer what you think and feel about it. THIS is what makes drawings interesting to look at.

Here is one photo to give you an idea of what we got up to. I’m not going to post loads of images as it will ruin the process for future students – the course content is meant to be a bit of a surprise!)

I received some fabulous responses from students such as how honest their drawings look – refering to the range of mark making they were coming up with and how they were able to connect to the subject matter. One student also commented how they they had not drawn like this in many years – refering to how the processes I took them through had managed to unlock some of the restraints they had placed on themselves that had inhibited their ability to draw. We all fall foul of these things that stop us from drawing (I think it’s called ‘life getting in the way’). I really appreciate getting feedback (pos & neg) from students – so thanks very much to all those students that have commented on their responses to the session.