Our vision

Being an artist requires us to find our voice and express our uniqueness and individuality.

We look to the world for information to put into our art,
not to justify what we put into your art.

Creative Art Courses, Ancoats, Manchester - warm and welcoming learning space

Who we are

Creative Art Courses is an independent art studio in central Manchester proud to offer a wide range of courses in drawing, painting, mixed media and creativity.

The studio was established in 2010 by lead tutor Brian Raymond.  The studio has grown and flourished since then, supporting a wide range of students of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities and interests.

Adult Learning focus
Creative Art Courses is proud to be a part of the Adult Community Education sector supporting continued learning through all our life stages.

Youth + Children
Our Youth and Children’s classes nurture children with age-appropriate teaching to suit children’s ongoing motor and cognitive development, while recognising their awesome creative dexterity.

Creative Art Courses, Ancoats, Manchester - Creative inspiring studio

Why choose us?

My vision for Creative Art Courses is of an art studio where everyone (of all abilities and ages) can come and be nurtured while learning and being creative in a safe and supportive studio environment.

Student focused learning
We take time to listen to students’ creative ideas and individuality. We encourage, support, guide, inspire,  lead and allow creative freedom. We aim to offer an individual creative experience.

Structured teaching
Focused and structured teaching allows students to learn the technical skills and creativity they need to develop and grow as creative artists. Equally, students have time to explore and nurture the quiet voice of their creative spirits that will encourage their unique artistic vision to be witnessed.

Creative Art Courses, Ancoats, Manchester - rewarding creative learning

Love art

Our courses support students to improve their practical skills and understanding of the language of art. 

Achieve your creative dreams
Our courses and classes enable students to grow towards becoming the visual artist they dream of becoming.  We passionately support diversity and celebrate individuality – from absolute-beginners starting out in the arts to experienced artists regularly exhibiting their work. 

We teach with passion, dynamism, ambition, creativity, rigour and a sense of humour to engage and challenge students. We ensure all students are well supported to enable everyone to achieve their creative dreams.

Teaching ethos

My teaching is designed to guide you towards reaching your goal 
of being a creative confident independent artist.

As artists, we are always keen to develop our technical skills in the craft of drawing and painting – and rightly so.
But how much time do we devote to developing and nurturing our creative skills as artists?  

Core Observational skills
To help artists engage with the world, our teaching ethos embraces;

  • Teaching core observational skills through ‘drawing from life’ to provide the foundation for critical looking.
  • Teaching drawing skills and rendering techniques that support accurate vision
  • Teaching the formal elements of art to strengthen students’ visual language
  • Teaching the design and construction skills needed to control the visual dynamics of image-making

Embracing Self expression
To guide student’s to discovering their unique artistic voice, our teaching is steeped in the Modernist and Expressionist traditions that puts the artist’s voice at the centre of creativity.  Expressionism has been embraced by a wide range of Modernist artists throughout the 20th century and contemporary artists today, giving them a wide range of styles and genres within which to express themselves.

With a foundation in core observation and drawing skills, choosing to follow the Expressionist tradition gives artists the opportunity to exploit the qualities of each material they choose to use and discover unique ways to express themselves.

We are not a Realist art school
We don’t follow a Classical Realist tradition in the style of the traditional academy or ‘atelier’ that tend to train artists within a specific style of working, or narrowly follow the Photorealist style.

Key Focus

Courses focus on 4 aspects of being an artist


Perception + observation
Master the technical challenges of seeing, and drawing with accuracy


Materials + techniques
Explore a wide variety of materials to develop a vibrant visual language


Visual dynamics
Understand the dynamics behind image-making design and composition


Creativity + self-expression
Nurture your creativity to develop your own artistic style and vision

Courses are designed to teach
Creativity and Technical skills together – hand in glove.

Think about it!
Technical skill on its own, is not the pot of gold you hope to find at the end of the rainbow.
Learning how to make satisfying, personal and expressive artwork – probably is.