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The Ibis hotel is a short 10 minute walk from the studio.

Comparison website for other Manchester hotels.

 Insurance advice

I am happy to refund you in full for the cost of any courses that you have booked in the event I have to cancel due to my being ill or other reasons beyond my control.  However I am not able to refund you for any additional costs such as transport or accommodation.  It is good practice to buy travel insurance to cover you for these costs, at the time of booking, to cover you in case of your unexpected illness, Jury service, family bereavement, course cancellation, etc.

Many insurance companies offer UK based holiday insurance that includes ‘cancellation cover’ for any travel that includes 2 nights hotel accommodation.  This could cost about £6 with no excess charge.

Always check insurance details fully (ask what’s included and excluded in the policy) before you purchase any insurance products.


* All websites are used, and accommodation booked, at your own discretion and no specific recommendations are made by Creative Art Courses.


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