Help with choosing the right course



  • Deciding what course is right for you requires you to self-assess your own skills, experience, and learning needs.
  • You may feel highly experienced and confident in one area of art, but a beginner in another area.
  • If you are not sure what level course is right for you, feel free to email me with a few images and I will offer you some guidance. But first read the information below.

“Which course is right for me?”
Teaching Levels have been assigned to all my courses and will help you choose the right course for you.  

“What course should I do next?”
Creative Pathways group my courses together to help you select your next step along your creative learning journey.

Teaching Levels

Are you an Absolute-beginner, Beginner, Improver, Intermediate or Experienced level student?
You will see this on each of the course pages near the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Level 1: Absolute-beginner

For those students who have never done any art or are returning to art after a very long break.

Teaching focuses on core skills with tutor-led exercises and clear instruction on use of materials and techniques with the benefit of lots of 1:1 tuition.

Level 2: Beginner + Improver

For those students who have done some art learning, draw or paint occasionally at home or attend an art group, and feel they need to gain a foundation in the basic techniques.

Teaching focuses on core skills, understanding and use of the Art Elements + Principles, materials + techniques, with tutor-led exercises and mini projects and the benefit of lots of 1:1 tuition

Level 3: Intermediate

For those students who have learnt the basic techniques, have gained some artistic confidence and are seeking to develop their skills further to create more complex work.

Teaching focuses on developing art skills, creative techniques and individual styles, students’ ability to self-assess their work, encouraging experimentation, with tutor-led exercises and time for extended projects with the benefit of group critiques.

Level 4: Experienced

For those students confident in their abilities and techniques, who are looking to challenge themselves further, to create a coherent body of work, possibly to exhibit and sell.

Teaching focuses on guiding students in developing their own ideas and self-directed practice, through enhancing personal skills and techniques and encouraging a deeper contextual awareness with the benefit of 1:1 tutorials.

Creative Pathways

To help you answer the question, “What course should I do next?”
There are 2 approaches to deciding what to do next.

Mix + Match Patchwork

All my courses can be booked as single stand-alone courses on whichever topic takes your interest to create your own patchwork.
Just book whichever course you want when it suits you.


General Drawing

Acrylic painting

Abstract Art

Urban sketching

Mixed media

Courses have been grouped to help you create a coherent and focused program of learning.

  • Choose courses within a Pathway to develop and progress your art in a chosen direction.
  • Keep a flexible mix + match approach to choosing a course within each Pathway.
  • Jumping between Pathways to build you own patchwork of courses is absolutely fine.
  • The course Teaching Levels (TL) indicates to what level the teaching is aimed.