“The course is so well structured yet relaxed and informal and Brian is a great tutor who is very aware of how to support and guide you throughout each exercise.  I have learned a great deal about drawing and composition in a short space of time and it has been fun to do.”
Jill W

“…as with all Brian’s courses he manages to break down topics into bite size pieces which certainly helps me in my understanding of the various principles.”
Maria M

“Very different to usual drawing workshops, exciting and pushes you into very different and interesting ways of drawing.”
Barbara H

“It was a really enjoyable course which offered me a good understanding of the tools and techniques I needed to learn to draw.  I would highly recommend Brian as a teacher.”
James E

“Excellent, well structured and set at just the right pace.  You will leave with a range of exercises and techniques – more importantly ways of applying it to your own work.”
Sue R

“Really very interesting.  I learned loads! It’s helped me change the way I look at art and my approach to it.”
Max E

“Liberating, it’s 2.5 hours where you don’t think about anything apart from what’s right in front of you.  It’s so freeing to make whatever mark you feel and it to come together.”
Rosie A

“Fantastic teaching.  Brian is helpful, patient and non-judgemental in his teaching and he explains things in such a way that it is easy to understand.”
Charmaine B

“A very good introduction to a range of drawing and painting techniques, ideal for someone like me who has not picked up a pencil or brush for 40 years.”
Steve J

“This is a life changing experience – I see the world in a different way and feel a new bravery and excitement about being creative.”
Jackie P

“Definitely worth doing for learning new ways of approaching drawing.”
Bryn H

“Strongly recommend.  Relaxing, thoughtful and pleasurable learning experience.”
Philip L

“I started the course as a beginner.  I have literally learnt everything – line, tone, colour, space, texture, pattern.  I have also learnt confidence to try varied types of art and to experiment.  This has been achieved by Brian’s careful lesson planning and his interest in individual problems.”
Nan D

“I have learnt that post ophthalmic surgery I can trust my eyes… It is very helpful to know what I’m dealing with thanks to Brian’s sensitivity and responsiveness – this has increased my confidence in engaging in art work a great deal.”
Pauline M

“I had not drawn in 10 years.  Really helpful… It was genuinely great.  Nothing to add.”
Olivier M

“Excellent – well structured, informative, useful practical exercises with supportive and critically helpful feedback.  You’ll learn a lot.”
Suzanne B

“Expect to learn something new whatever your level.  Great pace and opportunity to explore your own avenues.  Very relaxed and length of sessions just right.”
Alison E

“Firstly it was a very supportive and relaxed environment.  Brian was very positive about your work.  I feel very enthusiastic about continuing my art outside the class.”
Chris B

“You learn at a steady pace with 1:1 guidance and encouragement.  The course is hard work but at the end it feels it’s worth every penny/minute.”
Linda H

“Very relaxed, bright, very helpful and a must do for anyone wanting to learn more of what potential and skill they have.”
Sophie T

“I have learnt to look beyond what you can see, think about positioning of objects and developed a new love of oil pastels.”
Nicki M

“Very structured, very helpful instruction, very intensive – but very enjoyable and learnt a lot.”
Jayashree J

“Challenging and something very different, but lots of help and inspiration along the way. Stretching, well planned progression of exercises and finished work. Lots of materials, inspiration, and help.”
Lorraine W

“Don’t hesitate to book it. You’ll meet all abilities there and Brian matches his approach to your skill level. All levels of experience are catered for in a welcoming and small group”
Neale G

“Very Good. Facilities are good, a nice light studio. Refreshments available. Lounge to use for lunch. The teacher, Brian, is very informative and knows his subject. He is very nice and is a good manager of people and their needs.” Janet F

“Inspiring teaching, atmosphere and personal tuition/feedback very well organised. Great equipment and facilities provided. Great place to enjoy learning something new.”
Chris W

“This course is informative and helpful.  the day is well structured with a beneficial emphasis on teaching – particularly useful for those of us looking for informed guidance.  It is fun and friendly with a very relaxed atmosphere.  I came out of the day feeling as though I had a good grip on how to mix colours and wishing I had taken this course before splurging on paints.”
Vicky W

There are loads more overwhelmingly positive comments from my students that I could add to those above. 
Thank you to all of you who have contributed so much to making my courses so enjoyable to teach, and enabled Creative Art Courses to grow and thrive since I began in 2010.
Brian R