Abstract Art course: March 2018

Abstract Art Course diary

I had been really looking forward to the Abstract Art course I taught in early March this year.  As a tutor I am always looking for ways to improve my teaching and this course was a great example of how the feedback and comments students give me – help me to improve  the courses I deliver.  I had made a number of changes to the course content and I was really looking forward to seeing how the students would engage and if my changes would enable the students to progress even further than previous groups.

By the end of the course I was rewarded with some fabulous visual results and I was entirely happy that the changes I made had helped the students travel further along their journey of creativity towards creating stunning abstract art.

Read further to find out what they thought of their experiences this weekend.


Student comments

“It is a hugely supportive atmosphere with a broad range of content suitable for all abilities.  Brian is a great tutor.  Friendly non-judgmental tutoring in a great studio and incredible value for money.”
Chris C

“Exciting, challenging, interesting, accessible – DO IT! I started from a very low base.  I learnt about composition, all the different ways to make marks – making things interact.  It was really enjoyable and I felt I learned some basic skills to get me going. It was good fun and I achieved more than I thought i could.”
Kate A

“Amazing! Do it! Learnt the process of applying different materials and exploring what you could do with them.  [My highlights were] doing all the activities – final piece – so happy with it. Brian was really supportive, really clear and really great.”
Cath P

“Fantastic, really inspiring. [I learnt] how to go through the stages of constructing an abstract picture and what to use for inspiration. Really lovely atmosphere and excellent teaching.  [My highlight was] feeling like I’ve made a breakthrough in creating my own abstract art!”
Carolyn R

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