Abstract Art Diary – Nov 2015

dynamic-composition-colour-cCourse Photo Diary: 7-8 November 2015

Discover what the students got up to during this course.  The exercises, the experimentation, the finished drawings.

A stunning weekend exploring how to make dynamic well composed abstract art.  All our abstract art started off with well observed drawings made in and around the studio.  We then developed them in different ways to simplify and focus on the underlying abstract forms.  Students learnt new techniques using acrylic paint, and a variety of drawing media.  There was a strong emphasis on composition which really helped students complete the course having created some very strong abstract images – ready for further development at home.

Student Quotes

“If you would like to understand the underlying structure of making pictures then this is the course for you.  Brian takes you through a series of methodical steps to help you develop successful images and realise that the process is the basis of all forms of art.” Maria M

“I learnt a lot about myself as well as about abstract painting. Creative Art Courses is different …. in that I have been taught the ideology, the processes, the tools, the methods and best materials to produce my own piece and so go home feeling that I can now completely produce further art using my own inspiration.” Linda H

“This course really pushes one out of their comfort zone to share and use mark making techniques you never would have thought of.  The course offers skills that will last a lifetime.” Oana L