Abstract Art – Feb 2019

“Full of content, well planned and paced. Good explanation with a strong emphasis on developing your own style and staying attuned to your own process.”

Ann B

A wonderful full studio for this Abstract Art course on a strangely warm early Spring weekend in Manchester. Some people think Abstract Art is easy to make – anyone can throw paint at a canvas! However, the converse is true – it is actually the hardest art style to make. Why you may ask. Well, the reason is because it doesn’t look like anything you know. You can’t compare it to anything. It has the ability to be almost anything – bit this doesn’t mean there are no rules that make it good or bad. There most certainly is. They are called the Art Elements and principles of Art.

This is what the 10 enthusiastic students had come to learn over the weekend. Ray said his experience of the weekend course was, “Artistically liberating and good fun.” He felt that, 2you make progress much more quickly under good instruction” and “taking ideas shapes, forms, etc. from our surroundings and using them as a basis for abstract art” was an important part of what he gained from the course. Read further to see what the other students thought of their experience.


“The course was well structured, informative, and pitched at the right level. No time wasted. Resources are good. Well worth doing.”
Alan N

“I have really enjoyed this course, it’s been great to learn the different elements and go through each of the exercises. I have gained more confidence to experiment with media and composition. It was inspirational to work in a group and share ideas with each other.”
Angela D

“I had a wonderful experience. Very relaxed and well explained. Plenty of info to take away. Very inspirational.” During the course I learned “the process from start to finish – how to construct my work – a starting point and how to look-really look.” The highlights for me were “being inspired to keep going. It’s been a while since I did and art so this experience renewed myy enthusiasm.”
Noel L

“Interesting, worthwhile, fun.”
Olivia H

“A great chance to get creative in a space filled with like-minded people. Fun and interesting. On the course I have learned “how to include a range of art techniques. I have learnt how to keep going and letting my designs lead me.”
Rebecca H

“Fantastic experience. Course very well organised with a lot of information and examples. The highlights were getting to “understanding Abstract Art, practice and tips, relaxed atmosphere.”
Maria C

“Full of content, well planned and paced. Good explanation with a strong emphasis on developing your own style and staying attuned to your own process. Tutor very supportive without being intrusive. Enjoyed being part of a group in a creative stimulating environment.”
Anna B

“Interesting and informative with lots of practical work. Also some theory behind abstract art. You’ll learn a lot whatever level you’re already at.” The highlight of the course was being “given a framework but plenty of opportunity for own ideas.”
Julie C

“A great introduction to Abstract Art. All levels were catered to in a very supportive atmosphere. As a complete beginner the course was a great way to learn the basics of mark-making, composition and how to develop an idea into a finished piece. It will be a great foundation for further developing my skills. Brian is extremely supportive and a great teacher, students come out with a great grounding in abstract art. It’s a friendly fun setting.”
Megan C


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