Abstract Art – Jan 2023

“It’s a ‘must do’. I needed the kick-start for my confidence and the course was perfect for that purpose.”

Phil W

This course is scheduled to run after the Realistic drawing course and there cannot be a greater change to the atmosphere in the studio. From calm and focused to wildly energetic, experimental, and creative. An enjoyable course to teach as the energy in the studio is vibrant, lots of conversations between students supporting and encouraging each other and ideas flying left, right and centre. Once again, an inspiring group of students to work with.

Read further to find out what they thought of the weekend course.

Student Comments

“Amazing! I learned loads about abstract art, about techniques used and more importantly, I had fun! [I learnt] techniques, how to find inspiration, how to continue with a piece if I’ve met a dead end. [My course highlights were] everything! I wanted a basis of knowledge of abstract art and lots of practice and I got both. Thank you”
Emer M

“Fantastic! Such an informative intro into abstract art! Loved the exercises especially so early in the class it really sets you off well. [I have learnt] form, colours, textures, mark-making, different techniques, how to step back and reflect, perspectives. [My course highlights were] mini conversations and discussing each other’s work and getting inspiration. Really met all of my expectations. Just wish I had more time on each of the techniques to develop them. Colour mixing was a little short for my level.”
Claire A

“It’s a ‘must do’ – as the course stops you looking at a blank sheet and gets you ‘doing’! [I have learnt] a lot of the basics to motivate you and how to work round the fears. Learning how to be bold when making marks on the sheet. I needed the kick-start for my confidence and the course was perfect for that purpose.”
Phil W

“Do it. [I have learnt about] colour, texture, proportion, depth, tone, shape, contrast. [My course highlights were] Day 1. Day 2 a bit overwhelmed. Need to know more about colour.
Alison P

“This course took me from an abstract art novice to a point where I feel I have the ‘tools’ to take me forward, to experiment, to learn, to move my creativity into new areas. A sound introduction to the principles of abstract art especially in relation to the ‘Action Painters’. I feel that I can go and look at abstract art with a greater understanding, greater curiosity, and greater interest. [My course highlights were] always good to meet and work alongside others and learn from them as well as the tutor. More than met my expectations.”
Islay M

“Good course, needs a little reworking. Don’t do it on match day! Wish I’d known City were playing on Sunday as I would have left just before the match ended. [I learnt] various ways of mark making and using photographs to work from for ideas. Learning to be free and use tools to manipulate paint. I really enjoyed it and was pleased with the work I produced in mark making and painting on Sunday. On Saturday the afternoon exercise was a big leap from the morning work…. found it quite difficult” [Brian – I’ve noted your comments and I have now amended how I deliver this section of the course – thanks for your feedback.]
Bernadine O