Abstract Art – May 2016

Abstract painting experiment in acrylic paint and mixed media
Abstract painting experiment in acrylic paint and mixed media

Abstract Art Diary: 7-8 May 2016

Discover what the students got up to during this course.  The exercises, the experimentation, the finished drawings.

This course enabled students to go on a journey to create wonderful abstract acrylic and mix-media pictures by the end of the weekend.  Not only did they get a chance to explore materials but where taken step by step through all the stages so they clearly understood all the fundamental principles and background procedures to creating quality unique abstract art on their own.

Even though the course is about abstract art there is a lot students can learn to use in representational or figurative art as well, such as composition, balance, interpreting original source material and developing a better approach to mark making.

Student Quotes

“Excellent introduction to abstract art.  Brian is a great tutor – clear encouraging and enthusiastic.  He is a very skilled teacher.” Sheila K

I learnt the “Essential processes, methods and components related to abstract art.” Ranjana J

“There was a good balance between talking and doing.  Brian is an excellent teacher and his experience, skill, preparation and attention to detail was apparent.  In addition he demonstrated that he was interested in my development as an artist and gave us all this individual attention.  This was also apparent into the advance communication about the course.” Michelle O

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