Abstract Art – Nov 2016

Abstract Art Diary: 12-13 Nov 2016


mixed-media-composition-8The Abstract Art 2-day course this weekend was a vibrant, exciting and fun filled weekend of creativity and learning.  I taught students the language of abstract art, understanding how all the art elements come together to create dynamic and exciting compositions.  The Abstract Art weekend really is an exploration, a journey of discovery as although I do a lot of demonstrations and break down the process of creating art into step by step exercises, I don’t teach by formulae – there is a lot of self discovery that happens during this weekend!

Student Quotes
“I have learnt how to deconstruct, move from representation to abstraction.  Hard to do but assisted and encouraged by Brian, so well and so patiently.” Val C

“It was the start of a creative journey for a complete beginner. I have enjoyed creating …. and there is so much to learn.”  The highlights of this course have been “All of it.” Sophia R

“Learning the principles and techniques involved in beginning to understand how Abstract Art is formed and the steps we were shown and practiced was invaluable.  The course has shown me not only how to construct the image but the various elements that make it up.” Jon B

Day 1

A busy day introducing new techniques and learning about the materials and their expressive qualities.  We started building images from simple mark-making to more complex dialogues learning how marks have a voice and inter-relate with each other, slowly building up to tell stories.  I love this starting point and seeing how the students react when they finally understand what’s happening in the artistic creations.

Day 2

Building on what we all learnt yesterday today was about developing more complex pictures, learning how to move from representation to abstraction – or – how to get ideas for abstract art from the world around you.  Some students struggle with this, but with one to one support and guidance everyone managed to develop their drawings into interesting abstract art. The day ended with us working on one final abstract image.