A+C: Drawing Skills – Summer 2021

“The right amount of structure and freedom to move forward making pictures.”

Kathryn F
The Art + Creativity course was a delight to teach this term.  We focused on Drawing skills and it was wonderful that everyone managed to find that bit of extra time at home each week to continue working on the projects they began in class.  This added to much to the course with impromptu art ‘critiques’ at the start of each session when students brought their ‘homework’ in to show everyone.  Created a wonderful supportive camaraderie in the studio amongst the students. Read further to find out what they thought of their experience.

Student Comments

“I have learnt “how to think about the elements in a picture and correct your image to move it in the direction you want.” My course highlight was “the first day creating a totally abstract image was a great foundation for exploration in the following classes using inks for the first time was wonderful.”
Kathryn F
“A wonderful opportunity to explore the Art Elements + Art principles by learning about drawing methodology, measuring, depth, perspective, composition and focal points. I feel I have grown in confidence.” My course highlights have been that “the course has helped build on the skills learned so far, with Brian‘s help and support. Wonderful;!”
Sue M
“As a complete novice to art I felt comfortable exploring drawing skills using different materials. I know I have much more understanding of the Art Elements and Principles which has given me confidence to go further. I was able to ask questions without feeling stupid and with a small group we encouraged and supported one another along the way.” I have learnt “the fundamentals of drawing – considering all the art elements and principles I will feel much more confident exploring media and techniques further and finding my own style.  I found the learning of different artists techniques very interesting and invaluable and has given me such a broad appreciation of art styles and art history.” My course highlights were ” I loved using the inks, but difficult to say which bit was best. Just didn’t want it to end.”
Nicky O
“I was surprised at how hard I had to think at times, we experimented with lots of materials that affected how we drew. There was a lot to think about – Art Elements, Principles of Art – all things to take into account. Really enjoyed having a go with new materials.” My course highlight was “the day we looked at colour – understanding analogous and complimentary colours and then having a go at home. Also really liked Notan.”
Anna C