Acrylic painting: introduction 3-4 February 2018

Acrylic painting: introduction

Brigid, or new tutor to Creative Art Courses led this new course and it went amazingly well, so will become a regular feature in our line up of courses we offer at Creative Art Courses.  Brigid brought her wealth of creativity, teaching experience and wonderful calm and inspiring personality to the teaching studio over the weekend.  I was thrilled to see the results of the student’s paintings during the Acrylic painting: introduction course. James, a student on the course said, “It was really enjoyable.  It was practical with enough guidance to keep moving forward.”  When asked about what he learnt he said the highlights were, “Colour theory, blending colours.  Quick sketching and layering colours.” James also commented that the studio was a “relaxed friendly environment”, and he received “personal advice and appreciation from his peers” throughout the course.  I know Brigid enjoyed teaching the course, but what did the other students think.  Find out more…

Students comments
“An excellent course for a beginner.  Thoroughly enjoyable.”
Prasad M

“Great – give it a go! [I learnt] a lot of things in a short space of time.  have never painted before so everything was new to me.  Relaxed friendly but at the same time you work hard and learn a lot.”
Teresa D

“Very enjoyable, very relaxing.  I learnt how to use colours and composition, has given me confidence to continue.  I have definitely benefited from the course.”
Jackie C

“If, like me, you want to try paint and [use] colours for the first time, this is an excellent intro.  I have only produced pencil drawings previously so I now think I am confident enough to try colour.  Great experience, great value.”
Sue P

“A great introduction and the perfect opportunity for you to learn the basics and play around with various techniques.  A fun and hands on introduction.”
Anita G

“Excellent intro to acrylics and painting techniques.  Excellent briefings and well structured.  Very friendly, really felt I learned new things in a very positive atmosphere.”
Colette F

“Very friendly atmosphere.  very knowledgeable teacher, very supportive environment.”
Sudesh N

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