Acrylic painting, L1 – October 2020

“An interesting introduction to painting with Acrylics.”

Stephen R

Brigid returned to my studio this Autumn to teach her Acrylic painting level 1 course.  Reduced student numbers due to Covid enabled her to give more 1:1 individual attention to the students which I think they appreciated.  Read further to find out what the students thought of their experience.

Student Comments

“Great relaxed course, very calming teacher that puts students at ease and great fun.”  I learnt “understanding of colour, colour wheel, different techniques using a brush and importantly how to relax and enjoy painting.”
Thomas S

“I have learnt that experimenting is fine and the best way to learn.  A great introduction to the use of acrylics.”
Mariam B

“Lots of opportunity to practice.  A Level 2 course would be great.”
Stephen R

“Engrossing, exhausting and very pleasurable.”  I learnt about the “use of colour, thinking about tone, becoming aware of how to construct a picture and in an ideal world seeing it come to life.”
Lynne R

“Relaxed, supportive, non-judgemental, really enjoyable.  I’m quite proud of my fianl piece!  Just great to empty your head and do something fun.”
Catherine R