Acrylic painting L2: March 2022

It was a perfect balance of education and practical time.

Claire C

The students approached the portrait painting tasks with enthusiasm and produced impressive results. As usual, each student had their own unique style but, by the end of the Saturday sessions, we had a diverse range of amazing expressive portraits, some sensitively executed, some powerfully, but each displaying remarkable understanding of colour use as well as effective brushwork technique.

The students showed the same energetic response to the ‘interiors’ tasks on Sunday, again producing exciting outcomes. The task was designed to allow students to construct and paint their interior scenes freely and expressively. They enjoyed the freedom and spontaneity of this approach which challenged their usual ways of working.

All students left the course keen to carry on painting with acrylics using the skills, techniques and ideas acquired during the weekend. Read further to find out what the students thought of their weekend expereince.

Student comments

“Another amazing couple of days. Thoroughly enjoyed, learnt so much about portrait and interiors. [The course] met all of my expectations and more.”
Leanne M

“A brilliant experience in a supportive and encouraging environment. Developed my painting techniques especially in portraiture. Developed my confidence. CPD for teaching art – aim was to develop portrait painting.”
Rose W

“Fantastic – guided projects informed by a theme and artists. It has been lovely to spend time painting with other people.”
Jacqui M

“Brilliant, would book again. Learnt a lot. Brigid is a brilliant tutor. I will continue to learn how to use acrylics and mixing colours.”
Lynda M

“The course was so enjoyable! I have learnt techniques and how to do portraits and interiors. Brigid is incredibly knowledgeable and always open to further guidance and support. Look forward to level 3!”
Claire C

“Brilliant way to spend a weekend. Enjoyable company. Great support from Brigid. Painting for a whole weekend? What’s not to like! Right balance of instruction and free expression. Time to find the next course!”
Chris C

“Lovely course. Supportive environment. Fantastic studio space. Portrait painting and how to block each area was particularly helpful and will benefit my teaching. Excellent course, thank you.”
Helen P

“It was a really enjoyable day [weekend] with like minded people and challenging to try something new. I’ve learnt to be more expressive and be more free with colour and strokes. I also tried subjects like interiors and self portraits from life. The first portrait challenge was my favourite.”
Anthony K