Acrylic Painting, level 1 – Feb 2023

“Informative, fun, enjoyable, relaxed. I learnt a lot and feel confident having a go moving forward.

Emily D

This was a very busy class of 10 students who launched themselves enthusiastically into their painting exercises and were totally focussed throughout the weekend. They got along extremely well from the start, supporting and inspiring each other in equal measure as they worked.

They progressed from gaining knowledge of and practicing technique with acrylic paint on Saturday morning to completing successful and impressive still-life outcomes on Sunday afternoon, showing remarkable improvement in skill and confidence.

Several students are very keen to continue to the Level 2 course. All were looking forward to continuing with their acrylic painting.

Read further to find out what the students thought of the weekend course.

Student Comments

“A fantastic opportunity to learn the basics of acrylic painting. I have learnt a lot about colour and thinking about tonal values. [My course highlights were] the opportunity to paint and receive feedback as you go along. Definitely met expectations in that I feel more confident to work with acrylic paint.”
Robin M

“Informative, fun, enjoyable, relaxed. I learnt a lot and feel confident having a go moving forward. [I have learnt about expressive brushstrokes, colour mixing, painting from life, and I can cerate 3D looking objects. [My course highlights are] the demonstrations and creating texture on the fruit. I would like to know how to layout my palette better and waste less paint. Loved the class and will be back!”
Emily D

“As someone who likes drawing but have never used acrylics I was very apprehensive – NO need. The course has been fantastic and now I am a huge fan of the medium. [I have learnt] colour mixing, tonal painting, the properties of acrylic paint and how it differs from other mediums. It has exceeded my expectations. Brigid was clear, informative and incredibly helpful. She was very positive about all our efforts but gave advice when needed too.”
Krissy B

“Excellent – a comprehensive and very enjoyable introduction to acrylics with the right combination of theory and practice. Empathetic and encouraging tuition. Fully met my expectations – I wanted to feel confident in using acrylic and the course 100% met my expectations.”
Rachel C

“Wonderful weekend. Calm and productive. Brigid was an amazing, supportive teacher – thoroughly enjoyed my weekend. I wanted to see if I liked acrylics and how to paint with them – the course more than met my expectations.”
Louise S

“Wonderful opportunity to use acrylics and learn how to use colours and techniques. [My course highlights were] learning from Brigid – she’s inspirational. Relaxed and positive atmosphere. All good would like to do level 2. Only thing I found a bit difficult was walking around the room. The easels were tightly packed. But nice to be in a big group.”
Pam S

“2 days to totally immerse yourself in painting – what’s not to love. Meeting like minded people- just having the time to paint. Not too much theory – very practical. The course set out to do what it said it would – introduction to acrylics.”
Elaine H

“In a single phrase – thoroughly enjoyable. Fair amount of theory (but mainly I came to do something that I don’t normally do). [My course highlights are] meeting the course tutor and meeting like-minded people. I don’t think I had any expectations other than picking up some tips on acrylic painting. Mainly it was to enjoy the company and inspiration from other ‘hobbyists.”
Brian E

“Excellent course for beginners in acrylic – I learnt so much about colour. It met my expectations and gave me confidence to do more at home.”
Mark H