Acrylic painting, level 1 – Sept 2022

“As an absolute acrylic novice I found this exactly what I needed!”

Gerard G

As usual the students got on very well together and were appreciative and supportive of each other’s work. They were all beginners who found it so useful that we start with the basics and build up with technique, knowledge and skills over the weekend. They left the studio on Sunday afternoon with more confidence and eager to continue with acrylic painting.

I was pleased to see that the students produced very successful outcomes for each task I set and to watch their confidence and abilities increase throughout the course. Some have already signed onto the level 2 course so I look forward to seeing them again.

As well as learning to paint with acrylics, the students seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves – a very jolly group!

Read further to find out what the students thought of the course.

Student comments

“I have learned about the colour wheel. It has finally clicked with me how it works and to experiment making my own colours. [My course highlight was] being bold and learning tonal colours. I know I can continue my learning and have the confidence to do it at home myself. The teacher, Brigid, explained so much in easy language I was able to learn so much. I enjoyed the time, was sufficient to paint together which was inspirational learning from all students. Thank you”
Cheryl B

“Well paced intro to acrylics which pushed me to work at a larger scale and rethink colour mixing. [I have learnt to] paint with confidence and use more paint! Exceeded [my expectations].”
Sue H

“So much fun. Very relaxing and I learnt a lot. Shading, looking at colour in more detail. It gave me confidence to finish my paintings.”
Roisin G

“Fantastic insight into acrylic colour. Definitely how to use colour and mix according to the colour wheel. Didn’t know what to expect but really enjoyed getting stuck into the painting.”
Lionel G

“As an absolute acrylic novice I found this exactly what I needed! Brigid’s style of teaching is knowledgeable and relaxed offering support and advice to meet the mixed needs and experience levels of all attending. I learned how to use acrylic paints with confidence. I’ve learned how to mix paint to achieve the colour I see. I’ve learned fundamentals of colour theory. Realised I could actually paint with acrylics. All course aims achieved.”
Gerard G

“Excellent experience. Its taught me to just relax and enjoy the painting.”
Sue E