Acrylic Painting, level 2 – March 2023

“You definitely gain information that you didn’t have before. You will enjoy a relaxed environment and gain experience.

Jean G

This was a small group of very keen students. Two had done the level 1 course. The others had not but showed great enthusiasm to improve their acrylic painting skills.

In this course, students are challenged to create portraits in an experimental way using swift bold brush strokes. Even so, the results are always diverse and surprising as each has their own particular way of working. We had very impressive outcomes and all were pleased with their final pieces. All the students appreciated learning how to approach portraiture in this way.

On the Sunday, we tackled interior scenes using acrylic paint, firstly looking at the work of other artists. This was a totally new genre for this group who tackled it with gusto and produced more impressive outcomes. All are determined to continue painting with acrylics and now have renewed confidence to carry on.

Read further to find out what the students thought of their course.

Student comments

“Really great way to get your confidence up – very supportive and fun! [I have learnt how to] think about composition, colour and tone, not being too cautious, trying different styles, looking at different artists for inspiration. [My course highlight was] getting personalised feedback, the chance to try different styles, and seeing everyone’s different approaches. I think I had hoped to get the confidence to go and try more at home and this has definitely met my expectations.”
Katherine L

“A relaxing way to spend a weekend – pushed me to work in different ways and helped me feel more confident with acrylics. [I have learnt] building up layers – how to start a painting on a blank page. [My course highlight was the 1:1 guidance when stuck! Thank you, I really enjoyed it.”
Izzy S

“This course helped me to explore the use of acrylics in terms of technique and expression. I’ve started to learn how I can better use and manipulate acrylic paints to better express how I see and how I can paint. All of the course was enjoyable and informative. The right amount of practical application of what I learned in a supportive environment. I learned to let the mistakes become happy accidents.”
Gerard G

“You definitely gain information that you didn’t have before. You will enjoy a relaxed environment and gain experience. [I learnt] how to mix colours and not to be afraid of using bold [brush]strokes. Definitely improved my colour technique.”
Jean G