Acrylic painting,L1: Jan 2022

The course has completely met my expectations and I am now totally motivated to do acrylics at home.”

Sue J

With the winding down of Covid restrictions, this was a larger group of students than I have been used to for a while. They were all very keen to learn about acrylic painting and worked hard throughout the weekend, producing impressive outcomes that showed increasing skills with technique and colour use. As usual, the group was a collection of lovely people who enjoyed the course and left on Sunday with a confidence and eagerness to continue painting, some looking forward to the level 2 acrylic painting course. Read further to find out what the students thought of their experience.

Student comments

“Very relaxing, therapeutic and enjoyable. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Lovely tutor, very helpful, talented and small enough group to get a lot out of the course.”
Jane L

“I loved every minute! Learned so much and I’m really excited to continue my journey with art. Brigid was an amazing teacher who explained things so i could understand and helped me when I struggled. I can’t wait to join level 2 acrylics and a drawing course.”
Victoria C

“I had a fantastic experience. I’m very much a beginner so felt nervous beforehand but Brigid did a great job at making everyone feel comfortable. I really enjoyed day 2 – painting vibrant colours and fruit. It’s met my expectations in that I now feel much more confident with acrylics and feel like I can go on my own without supervision.”
Beatrice M

“Book it It was brilliant. There was a lot to take in but for me I learnt a lot about colour and feel more confident in my understanding of colour mixing.”
Allan H

“Fantastic opportunity to learn key techniques of acrylic painting and put them into practice over a series of projects.”
Jacqui M

“Loved the course. very relaxed and friendly. The studio is an ideal venue to paint – bright and cheerful. My confidence grew, there is no judgement, just encouragement. The course is well planned using examples of artists to feed into the next piece. I was surprised at the results of my first painting after having limited experience of acrylics. Loved the course and will look for future courses to attend!.
Sue J

“Very good introduction to painting still life with acrylics. Was slightly disappointed with the lack of colours and the still life subjects (eg: cup, jug, etc) Whilst beneficial in helping learn the basics the subjects could have been more interesting.”
Meg R

“As an older lady I was feeling a little apprehensive about attending alone. I immediately felt at home. Brigid was very welcoming and encouraging. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and my fellow students were a lovely bunch. The course was an excellent introduction to acrylics. I am motivated to attend further courses starting with a drawing course.”
Maureen B