Acrylics L1 – Sept 2021

“Fantastic course, amazing venue and well worth the price.”

Leanne M

I was impressed with how this group worked with such quiet concentration, totally focussed on their tasks and producing remarkable outcomes.

They launched confidently into their final paintings on Sunday each showing increased skill in handling acrylic paint and colour use.

They really enjoyed the course. Two students actually applied, during the Sunday session, for the next level 2 weekend, and others were very keen to apply for later dates. They all left feeling very happy, satisfied with their achievements and eager to continue painting. Read further to find out what the students thought of their experience.

Student Comments

“Excellent – a lovely combination of relaxation and learning in a welcoming atmosphere.” My course highlight was that “I enjoyed seeing Brigid [the tutor] model the techniques before we tried.”
Gee M

“Amazing course. Would highly recommend. Learnt loads of new skills and techniques, dimensions, background, colour mixing choice too much to write down. Thoroughly enjoyed myself and can’t wait for Level 2.”  My course highlight was “seeing my progression over the 2 days – colour wheel and mixing – teacher was fantastic.”
Leanne M

“Loved it, learnt so much. Excited to go try out my skills at home.”

“The course was brilliant – great introduction to acrylics and guided exercises to build confidence and skills.” My course highlight was painting the “colour wheel.”
Claire C

“Great introduction to the techniques of acrylic painting. I found that my skills progressed significantly from teh beginning to the final piece.” My course highlights were that “all the tutorials were great”.
Rachel K

“Evenly spread out time of different activities. Calm and safe environment. Friendly and approachable staff. Interesting and enjoyable.” My course highlight was “spending time with a friend and learning new techniques.”

“Great teacher. Right amount of teaching and putting into practice. Good sized group. Right amount of feedback from teacher.” My course highlight was “realising I didn’t have to reproduce what I see perfectly and watching the teacher paint/demonstrate.”
Ruth B

“Learning the fundamentals of acrylic painting in a relaxed setting.” My course highlight was “[painting] any bits with brighter colour, the fruit in particular.”