Acrylics, L2 – Oct 2021

“I Have learnt how to create textures, light and shade, how to construct a portrait. I enjoyed all of it.”

Jana W

Once again my students showed great concentration and worked eagerly, producing impressive outcomes. Although they had not attempted portrait painting before, and it was quite a daunting task (especially the self-portrait exercise), they achieved wonderful results. They were able to exploit what they had learned on the level 1 course, showing great skill with technique and colour use.

Their interior paintings produced on the Sunday were also very successful, showing an understanding of design development, composition construction and, of course, use of acrylic paint. Read further to find out what the students thought of their experience.

Student Comments

“Loved the level 2 course. Quite challenging, but overcoming some initial frustrations felt [it went] really well.” My course highlight was painting a portrait – it came out better than I expected.”

“Good explanation of topic and referencing. Left to concentrate but aware of help and advice if needed, which was nice. I learnt different techniques and have come away inspired to continue my path and also look at other artists.”

“Really friendly, gives you confidence to try and push yourself out of your comfort zone.” My course highlight was “portrait painting and self portraits.”
Jean G