Acrylics Painting, Level 2 – July 2021

“All was excellent. A thoroughly enjoyable weekend of learning and practice.”

Sue M

The level 2 course went very well. The students were very happy and pleased with what they achieved. They worked very hard and were very focussed. The portraiture and interiors theme offered students additional challenges from those they faced in the level 1 course – and they all excelled in discovering additional skills and developing creative ideas to do justice to the themes. Everyone was extremely complimentary about the weekend and keen to continue, but read further to find out what they thought.

Student Comments

“Enjoyable, relaxed, supportive. A varied weekend with time to really focus on something away from the daily pressures of life!” I have leant “expressive portraiture, painting interior scenes and seeing how different artists work on both.” My course highlight was “seeing something that starts off pretty iffy turn into something you are proud of.!”
Catherine B
“I’ve learnt loads about looking, taking more chances with colour, getting away from being too literal. It has inspired me to keep on trying. Bridget is encouraging, supportive, helpful and never makes you feel daft.”
Lynne R
“Everything was well explained and the class went at a good pace.” I have leant “proportions, mixing colours and layering the paint to form a face/structure.” My course highlights were “live examples [demonstrations] and getting lots of time to paint.”
Courtney F
“Excellent, really enjoyed it. Supportive helpful tutor. Good equipment and nice group to work with. Interesting subjects.” I have learnt “how to construct and do portraits and self-portrait – style and techniques. Also how to do a study for an interior picture, plan and paint it.” 
Glyn W
“It’s a really enjoyable and supportive environment. My course highlights were “the expressive self-portrait sessions was fantastic. I thought the course covered a super range of styles and I would love to do a level 3 course.”
Stephen R
This course was a brilliant continuation from the Creative drawing and acrylics level 1 courses – and so well planned. I enjoyed it all. I learnt so much more about how to use acrylics for painting portraits and interiors.”
Sue M