Beginner + Introduction Course List

These  courses are designed for absolute beginners, beginners and improvers.  They will inspire and give you practical skills to help you take your first few steps in learning to draw and paint.  They will help you develop a strong set of foundation skills and prepare you for the exciting creative journey ahead.

Begin your creative journey towards becoming an independent and confident artist today.

  • Begin to draw + paint
    Banish your worries or confusion and learn to enjoy your drawing and painting.
    Learn how to start drawing and painting with step by step demonstrations (perspective, shading, measuring proportions), practical exercises, and insightful tips and tricks to help you avoid common mistakes.  Try-out lots of different drawing and painting materials with clear instructions in how to use them correctly.  

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  • Creative drawing: introduction
    Building on what you already know about drawing and painting, you will learn further skills in 4 key areas that are essential to improving your drawing, painting and creativity.

    The creative drawing projects you will be working on over the weekend will enable you to learn and explore drawing and painting more in depth to help you progress beyond being a beginner.

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  • Acrylic painting: introduction
    This course is designed to help beginners understand how to work with acrylic paints, as well as those with some experience of acrylic painting who wish to improve their skills further. 

    You will be taught about the properties of acrylic paint as well as the appropriate equipment to use. You will learn a range of techniques and also look at colour theory. The knowledge and skills that you acquire will be practiced in several still life studies carried out throughout the weekend.

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  • Watercolour: introduction
    This watercolour painting class is led by a qualified adult tutor who is experienced in teaching beginners to intermediate artists in mixed-ability groups. If you are a beginner you will learn all you need to know to get started in watercolour painting and water soluble drawing materials.  If you’ve been painting in watercolours for a while this class will help you take the next steps to build your skills and develop new techniques to build confidence and creativity.

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  • High quality teaching to nurture your creative spirit, actively encouraging you to find and develop your own artistic voice.
  • Your learning and artistic self-confidence lies at the heart of every art course I have planned.
  • Art courses and drawing classes designed around your needs as a developing artist.
  • Skills and techniques that provide the springboard to your future artistic independence can be learnt on all my drawing classes.
  • All ability levels are welcome on all my art courses and drawing classes.  My teaching suits all ability levels.