These evening courses are designed for beginners, improvers, intermediate artists, as well as those with more experience looking for a refresher course..  They will inspire, give you practical skills to help you develop your drawing and painting and help you gain a deeper insight into the creative process, guiding you to becoming an independent and confident artist.

  • The Art Elements
    A Course over 6 evenings exploring and learning about the Art Elements of Line, Colour, Tone, Texture, Shape, Form and Pattern.  The course will enable you to learn in a supportive and creatively inspiring environment, deepening your understanding and  practical skills within each of the Art Elements.

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  • Drawing Techniques
    A course over 6 evenings teaching you how to improve your creativity and ‘fine-art’ drawing skills.  Each week will teach you practical techniques to help you draw more expressively, improve your inventiveness, and interpretation by developing a new clarity of vision. Based on  Heather Spears book ‘The Creative Eye’.

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  • Colour dynamics
    This course focuses on the interactions, dynamics and relationships of using colour within drawing and painting.  You will explore an eclectic mix of historical and contemporary artists, styles and techniques, to help you gain insights into, and more fully understand and learn about ways of using colour in your own drawing and paintings. 

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  • Short Workshops
    Discover what you can learn from Cezanne, Matisse and Picasso to help you revitalise your own drawings and paintings.  These 3 exciting short drawing + painting workshops with a contemporary twist, will help bring their legacy to life and enable you to learn from them, so you can make your own inventive, creative personalised drawings uncovering your own style along the way.

    Booking is per class, so you decide how many classes you wish to attend.

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  • Comics: Marvel to Manga

    A course over 6 evenings teaching you comic book drawing and graphic design skills learning different visual narrative styles from Marvel to Manga. Using British, European, American and Japanese Manga as inspiration you will create your own comic book Superhero characters, graphic novel environments, stories and Manga styles.

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  • High quality teaching to nurture your creative spirit, actively encouraging you to find and develop your own artistic voice.
  • Your learning and artistic self-confidence lies at the heart of every art course I have planned.
  • Art courses and drawing classes designed around your needs as a developing artist.
  • Skills and techniques that provide the springboard to your future artistic independence can be learnt on all my drawing classes.
  • All ability levels are welcome on all my art courses and drawing classes.  My teaching suits all ability levels.