The Art Elements


The Art Elements: Line, Colour, Tone + Form, Texture, Shape and Pattern are the Art Elements we use all the time in drawing and painting.  Learning how they affect your picture-making and how to manipulate them is the first step to improving as an artist.

Each of the 6 classes explores one of the Art Elements, opening the door to some of the essential things you need to know about using the Art Elements effectively. 

Your learning on this course will help you improve your drawing and painting no matter your style of work.


“From week one I knew this was going to be good, and that first class was almost worth the fee alone. I think this course was an incredible experience and I know I’ve learnt a lot over the six weeks – you’ve outdone yourself Brian.”
Meg K

“At first daunting, because I haven’t ‘learnt’ to draw, but Brian puts you ease.  And in fact everyone was so supportive in the group that you don’t mind not being good. You can be yourself.”
Annette H

“I have learnt a lot about line, style, tonal value and composition. I will approach future work with a lot more thought now.”
Laura S



6.30 – 9pm
Includes most materials

ADULT, Teaching Level 1



Autumn Term 2020

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Jan 7, 14, 21, 28, Feb 4, 11

Places available

Course details

Each evening class begins with teaching and a demonstration with lots of artists examples to help you fully understand the Art Element we are learning about.  The class will involve practical exercises followed by work on the creative project, to further learn about the Art Elements.  

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to see what you need to bring.

Drawing in class is based around a variety of still-life arrangements, working on abstract images based on reference material, or your imagination.  All projects are designed to inspire you and support my teaching. 

We will cover the following Art Elements:

Line | getting to grips with how to use line, increase the variety of line you use, and develop your sensitivity towards this most elusive of the art elements.

Tone + Form | this is what makes your art pack a punch.  Get is wrong and your art looks flat and boring.  Learn how tone works within colour and monochrome art work.  It’s about using Tone and Form to create the illusion of space and convincingly solid 3D objects on paper.

Colour | people react to colour first, so getting it right is vital. Increase your knowledge of how colour effects what you are creating. Develop a confident attitude to using colour.

Texture | gives your drawings and paintings a tactile quality which always makes people enjoy your art work more.  Texture can be real or visual and be used to describe object surfaces and space.  Learning how to use texture in your images to create contrast is vital in creating strong engaging works of art.

Shape + Pattern | it holds drawings together, creates structure and simplifies complex objects.  Shape has many uses and functions. Learn how to understand shape in all its various forms to enable you to create strongly composed images.

Composition | the eye is predominantly attracted to shape, tone and pattern.  Using it effectively when structuring a drawing or painting is crucial, but can be tricky to get right.  This session explores the underlying structures found in paintings.

What can I expect

Structured learning
Carefully structured teaching that will lead you step by step, giving you the confidence to try new things.  

Individual attention
Loads of individual 1:1 encouragement to explore, experiment and discover.

Inclusive + personalised learning
A teaching style that focuses on your individual needs and is fully accepting of your individuality.

Creativity and technical skills
Teaching that allows you to learn new technical skills and develop your creativity, and leave inspired to continue to develop your skills further at home.

Welcoming studio
The Gallery Studio is a warm, creative and friendly space offering a relaxed informal, yet focused, teaching style.

Choose this course if you want to learn about the fundamental building blocks of art making and really understand what it takes to make stunning pictures.

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“The lessons are fun, quite easy to follow. I’ve learnt about composition, lines, tone, form, textures, colours and how they relate to one and other, I was a complete beginner so absolutely everything I have learnt will be useful in the future.”
Katie D

Choosing the right course

Courses are grouped into 4 strands, each with a different focus. 
Create your own patchwork of courses depending on your interest and availability. 
There is no specific starting point.


Fundamental building blocks applicable to all art styles


Materials + techniques to fall in love with


Stand out – learn to develop a strong artistic voice.


Ongoing development away from formal courses


  1. Paulo Duarte
    26 May 2017 @ 2:29 pm

    Hi Brian,

    I’m really interested in starting this course in the coming 7th of June but would like to know if you are definitely going ahead with running with it? Do you have a minimum number of students for it to run? The reason I’m asking is that I work as a Chef in a city centre restaurant and need to ask for the nights off in advance and don’t want to ask for it and then have to go back on my request.

    Let me know as soon as possible so I can make the necessary arrangements with work and book the course.

    Kind regards,



    • artfulantics
      26 May 2017 @ 4:36 pm

      HI Paulo
      Yes, I will be going ahead with the course on 7th June. I have also sent you an email. I look forward to meeting you. Regards, Brian


  2. Lesley Jacobs
    18 May 2017 @ 11:39 am

    Hi I am interested in the Art Elements course but I see that there are still 7 spaces remaining and wondered whether the course would still go ahead if it was not full and what would happen if I had already paid the fee.


    • artfulantics
      18 May 2017 @ 6:09 pm

      Hi Lesley
      Good question. I do run courses with lower numbers – I don’t expect all courses to be full. So I would suggest you go ahead and book as this may encourage others and give the course more chance of reaching the minimum enrollments I need to run the course. I do often get last minute bookings so there is still plenty of time for others to decide to book. I usually tell people a week before if it is going ahead or not. I always guarantee people a prompt and full refund if I have to cancel a course, or the opportunity to transfer to another. I hope this is OK. If you have any more questions please email me direct at Kind regards, Brian


  3. Charmaine Barber
    18 March 2016 @ 7:25 pm

    Hi Brian,
    want to book the course we spoke about, but I´m a bit confused about whether “The Art Elements.” is on a Monday or on a Wednesday evening – I take it it´s Monday as you say, on the 18th?
    It´s just that at the top of this page, where you´ve written some information about it, it then says underneath:

    Suitable for all abilities. Everyone is welcome.
    Wednesday evening course


    • artfulantics
      18 March 2016 @ 8:00 pm

      HI Charmaine
      The April course is on a Monday eve. Thanks for pointing out the error – I will change it now.
      Regards, Brian


  4. Marcelle
    20 July 2015 @ 7:17 am

    Good morning , I am interested in art course . Please tell me where you are located ?
    I am in North Manchester .
    Kind regards,
    Marcelle kauffman


    • artfulantics
      20 July 2015 @ 12:41 pm

      Hi Marcelle
      My studio is located in Ancoats not far from the Etihad football stadium. It is 3 minutes walk from the New Islington metro stop if you’re coming by Metrolink. We have a free off road car park for you to use. There are full directions on my website by clicking here. I live in North Manchester too, so I know it is not too far to get to.

      I hope this helps


  5. Jean McIntyre
    4 May 2015 @ 11:04 am

    Hi Brian, thank you so much for this project, I’m loving every minute I spend on it. Time flies as I have to concentrate. I shall hopefully see you on the 8th and will bring all the work I have done so far with me. Regards Jean


    • artfulantics
      4 May 2015 @ 12:09 pm

      Hi Jean
      Good to hear you’re enjoying it. I’d love to see your results. Why not join my facebook group and post an image there?


      • Jean McIntyre
        4 May 2015 @ 4:35 pm

        I would post an image if I knew what to do, I tend to be a bit stupid when it comes to photos etc. but I will try. Jean


        • artfulantics
          9 May 2015 @ 8:25 am

          I look forward to seeing it. Good luck with the technical wizardry!


  6. Katie
    29 April 2015 @ 2:11 pm

    Had my first class of the Art Elements last week with Brian, I’m a complete beginner but I really enjoyed the lesson and looking at other peoples art work, I felt I learnt so much is such a short period of time and I am really looking forward to my next lesson. 🙂


    • artfulantics
      29 April 2015 @ 10:18 pm

      HI Katie
      Thanks. I really enjoyed teaching the session. It’s good to know that you enjoyed the class and my style of teaching. My aim is always to help students learn and understand the fundamentals of the artistic process, rather than just giving over-simplified step-by-step instructions. See you again next week.


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