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Art Experience Days

Art Experience Days allow you, your friends or family, or art group to personalise your art workshop.
Try your hand at drawing, painting, portraits, abstracts, or collage in a fully equipped creative arts studio.  Try it for the first time or simply because you love art and wish to share the experience with family and friends. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or other special occasions.

All Art Experience Days workshops take place within our relaxed and creative art studio with a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, an experienced workshop leader offering clear step by step demonstrations, practical exercises, and individual support.

Ancoats art studio

easy access from Manchester city centre

What do participants think?

“Great first attempt for painting with acrylics – wonderful instruction with good demo, instructions and feedback.” My workshop highlight was “to be able to replicate the portrait of our loved ones.”
T. Athena


“Great opportunity to try painting. with clear instructions towards drawing and painting.” My workshop highlight was “to be able to mix colours and paint.” P Chan

“Great experience.” My workshop highlight was “after finishinng the picture to stop and look back [at what we created]. It was perfect for me.” D Tsui


About Art Experience Days

Art and creativity are fun, escapist, enriching and relaxing activities.  What better way to come together with family and friends to celebrate a special event or simply spend quality time together. Art Experiences Days allows you and your friends and family the opportunity to immerse yourselves in drawing, painting, mixed-media, or collage within a wonderful creative studio space overlooking Ancoats and Manchester city centre.

If you’re the ‘arty one’, Art Experience Days is your opportunity to invite your family and friends to join you on your own personalised art workshop.  Allow them the opportunity to share all that you know is great about making art. Spend time together doing something different, memorable and unique.

Also available

Personalised private art lessons tailored to your specific needs and individual mentoring to guide your creative growth and development.
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Workshop Ideas

Below is a small selection of possible workshops
But ask for what you want and I’ll do my best to make it happen for you


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