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Short workshops: The ‘Golden Age’ of newly modern artists of the late 19th century bravely changed art from being static to dynamic, innovative and ‘modern’; reflecting their new fast changing world.  Even today in the 21st century artists are still hugely influenced by their ground-breaking creativity.

Discover what you can learn from Cezanne, Matisse and Picasso to help you revitalise your own drawings and paintings.  These 3 exciting short drawing + painting workshops with a contemporary twist, will help bring their legacy to life and enable you to learn from them, so you can make your own inventive, creative personalised drawings uncovering your own style along the way.


Expressive colour


31 March 2020

All Materials included

Day: Tuesday eve
Time: 6.30-9pm
Tutor: Brian Raymond

Matisse inspired the world with his bold shapes and groundbreaking use of outrageous colour. For the first time in art, paintings were able to express the artists feelings, rather than simply describe objects.
With added inspiration from contemporary living artists that will give a modern twist to Matisse’s influence, you will learn how to create your own expressive contemporary still life drawings that embrace the bold use of personally expressive colour.


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30 June 2020

All Materials included

Day: Tuesday eve
Time: 6.30-9pm
Tutor: Brian Raymond

Picasso’s Cubism threw out all concepts of traditional art and re-imagined how artists could depict an ever changing dynamic modern 3D world on a flat surface. His solutions were revolutionary and still shock people today.

4 places remaining


Simplifying nature


Autumn 2020

All Materials included

Day: Tuesday eve
Time: 6.30-9pm
Tutor: Brian Raymond

Cezanne is known as the father of Modernism. He saw beyond surface detail and painted the underlying structure and form of objects, wanting to “treat nature by the cylinder, the sphere, the cone”.
With a contemporary twist and further inspiration from contemporary living artists, you will learn how to make your own inspired, personally creative still life drawings that celebrate shape, form and structure.

Dates not yet set

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Course Structure 

Grab the opportunity to be inspired, be introduced to some key artists who helped art move forward in exciting ways, and learn how their creativity and ideas can help you become a better artists.  These practical tutor-led workshops will enliven your creativity and offer you new ideas to bring to your own drawing and painting.

About the workshops

These short drawing and painting workshops WILL teach you the essence of what drove these artists to draw and paint with passion, what they contributed to the art world, the reason behind their fame, and most importantly give you new inspiration for your own art-making.

The workshops will NOT teach you how to copy paintings by Cezanne, Matisee or Picasso, to create look-alike pictures, or how to copy their style of painting. 

The main focus

The main focus of the short art workshops is to guide you to explore and develop your own personal skills and techniques.  You will be supported and guided to create inspired, personal, creative artwork that help you develop your own drawing or painting style.


Even now in the 21 century contemporary artists are still reflecting on the issues Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso, and other artists tried to resolve and are finding new innovative solutions to the same visual art ‘problems’.  Join us on these exciting drawing and painting workshops and travel a creative journey to discover your own creative solutions.


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  1. Poll
    1 February 2020 @ 3:06 am

    Hi Brian, I like to mess about at home with acrylics,mixed media and am trying to learn about art journeling/sketchbooks .
    I have always been creative but lack inspiration, my mind freezes, please help


    • artfulantics
      1 February 2020 @ 10:25 am

      HI Pauline
      Thank you for contacting me.Sounds like you are having fun with your art at home but are in need of some new ideas and directions.The Creative sketchbooks course will certainly give you some ideas and inspiration.  To be clear it is not an art journaling course but a course that unpicks just how and why artists keep sketchbooks and if used correctly can help drive forward your creative ideas.  It will give structure and new techniques for your sketchbooks – within a fine art framework.We don’t use all the fancy gels, powders and embossing machines, etc the art journaling industry like to encourage you to use, but the course is full of solid art techniques using a variety of different materials very much along the lines A-level, Foundation Art courses and fine art degree students would be expected to complete.  You will leave inspired.I hope this helps.  Feel free to email me again with any questions.
      Best regards


  2. Joanne McGuiheen
    9 January 2020 @ 9:05 am

    Please add me to your newsletter list


    • artfulantics
      22 January 2020 @ 8:07 pm

      HI Joanne
      Thanks for asking. I have now signed you up for receiving the Newsletters. Best regards, Brian


  3. Mary Kean
    30 December 2019 @ 3:23 pm

    Please add my name to the Matisse workshop waiting list.
    Kind regards,


    • artfulantics
      30 December 2019 @ 9:57 pm

      Hi Mary. Thanks for contacting me. I have placed you on the waiting list. Best regards, Brian


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