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My life drawing classes and courses are perfect for those beginning life drawing for the first time as well as for those drawers looking for new ideas to refresh their life drawing practice.

The Life Drawing Ancoats peer-group is known as Manchester best little life drawing group. The life drawing group is small with a maximum of 11 drawers so you can be assured of an excellent view of the model, friendly support, and peer-guidance. The group welcomes drawers of all experience levels and loves encouraging absolute-beginners.

The Begin Life Drawing class is a great place for absolute-beginners and beginners to learn some great measuring techniques that will help them get started in life drawing and learning how to observe and translate the figure from life to page with increased accuracy and confidence. 

I offer a thought-provoking experience for students attending my Life Drawing Foundations course that will lead you ‘through a process of unlearning and seeing differently’ (student quote: Hazel B). The Life Drawing Foundations course is a unique alternative to the style of teaching offered by realist academies or the traditional ‘anatomy first’ approach.

Attend the Life Drawing Foundations course if you are interested in;

  • exploring the complexities of perception
  • shifting your attitude to seeing with a creative and artistic eye
  • learning a drawing technique that enables a deeper and more truthful clarity of vision
  • embracing an experiential approach to life drawing
  • establishing a strong foundation upon which to build all future life drawing skills
  • Learning the skills + techniques to start your creative journey drawing the human form
  • Tutor support and guidance

Attend Life Drawing Ancoats if you are interested in;

  • drawing within a small supportive and friendly peer-led group
  • being nurtured and encouraged by like-minded life drawers
  • always having a great view of the life model
  • challenging yourself with different timed poses from short dynamic poses, long poses, and portrait sessions
  • The freedom to follow your own creative life drawing journey

Attend the Begin Life Drawing class if you are interested in;

  • learning traditional measuring techniques to translate the figure from life to page to improve detail, accuracy, and proportions. 
  • Tutor support and guidance

Experienced teaching, support, guidance and encouragement

Drawing the human form is exciting and rewarding and these life drawing courses and peer group will ensure you have the opportunity to build the skills and techniques to develop your creative confidence and be able to enjoy making satisfying self-expressive drawings of the human figure.

I understand the challenges of drawing the human form, so small groups of no more than 10 drawers ensures you are well supported, guided and nurtured with lots of 1:1 support to help you along your own personal life drawing journey.

We employ a variety of different professional life models, support and celebrate a body-positive attitude, equality, and diversity. Embrace this opportunity to attend my beginner life drawing course and peer group in Manchester and learn to draw the human figure with humanity and compassion within a traditional art studio environment. 

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    6 January 2024 @ 6:05 am

    I’ll be 87 in April and have a collection of paintings in acrylic I’d like to exhibit. Were and how to do so? I live in Victoria Square.


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