Creative drawing: introduction

Creative drawing: introduction

Creative drawing: introduction. 

This course will help beginners, and those returning after a long break from art, to improve their creative drawing skills and learn new materials and techniques.

Next-step creative drawing skills 

Improve your drawing by adopting a methodical approach; strengthen your compositions; enhance your observation; and free up your creative flow. The creative drawing projects on this course will teach you pencil and graphite; chalk pastels; pen and wash; and an exciting mixed media technique.

Unlock your creative potential

Take the next steps to feeling confident and excited about your drawing and creative skills.


“Brilliant. Exciting rediscovering your skills you already have and improving on them.  Fully packed with new experiences 10/10.”
Cheryl W

“I have learnt how to draw accurately and to use charcoal which I loved! Very relaxed, great teacher.”
Sandra M

“Over the 2 days we have been taken on a journey of discovery to unleash our creativity and our drawing abilities. Can’t believe how much I have learned and improved – and how many new techniques we have been shown and practised”
Hazel D



Includes most materials

ADULT, Teaching Level 1

Beginners, Improvers


5 places remaining

Places available

Monday mornings x 4

Includes most materials


Beginners, Improvers


Places available

Course details

An inspiring drawing course laying down the foundations for drawing, and introducing you to a variety of drawing materials and techniques.

Consider enrolling on this course if you’ve been taught all the basic drawing principles; you’ve been dabbling in drawing for many years; or you went to art school but haven’t touched a sketchbook in ages. Perhaps you feel your drawing should flow better, be less stressful, be more enjoyable, or you’re just not happy with the results – but don’t know why?

 Session 1
Drawing methodology

How you approach the initial stages of drawing is vitally important to how your drawings and paintings progress. Having a structured plan through the different stages of drawing is important in establishing the right approach to drawing.  This session will provide you with a road-map of how best to approach your drawing and painting.

The drawing project this session will teach you how to tackle drawing complicated objects – and make it feel easy! We will be exploring the full creative potential of pencil and graphite.

Session 2
Composition skills
Being able to draw individual objects is great, but how do you begin to think about building a picture of multiple objects?  The project this session will teach you how to consider composition.  You will learn how to create a focal point, develop a hierarchy of interest so your placement of objects is well thought out, along with considering the role of tone and colour in creating an appealing visual journey for the viewer to better engage with your drawings and paintings.

The drawing and painting project will teach you how to create an effective cohesive composition. We will be exploring the full creative potential of pen and ink with either watercolour or acrylic colour wash.

Session 3
Observational skills
Developing your ability to observe details is about training your eye over many hours of drawing.  Developing the skills of seeking out information and ‘learning through drawing’ is what being an artist is all about.  The project this session will give you the opportunity to seek out as many new details from the most familiar subject of all – yourself!  By the end of the project you will have learnt that it is possible to see more and more detail the longer we draw – and it’s this detail which keeps us and the viewer interested in looking at our drawings and paintings.

This project will teach you how to increase your observational skills giving you confidence that you can ‘see like an artist’ We will be exploring the full creative potential of chalk pastel and pencil.

 Session 4
Creativity with a free-spirit
Creating satisfying drawings is about a balance of technical and creative skills.  Knowing you can create controlled, as well as free-spirited drawings will give you the confidence to leave knowing you can tackle any drawing and mixed media project in the future.  This session will give you the freedom to use all your newly developed skills and combine them with a fresh free-spirited approach to drawing.

This mixed-media project will give you the opportunity to let all your technical skills settle, and give you the springboard to allow your creative free-spirit to rise up and take the lead.

We will be exploring the full creative potential of charcoal, emulsion, chalk pastel and drawing ink while making free and expressive drawings infused with your personality.

What can I expect

Structured learning
Carefully structured teaching that will lead you step by step, giving you the confidence to try new things.  

Individual attention
Loads of individual 1:1 encouragement to explore, experiment and discover.

Inclusive + personalised learning
A teaching style that focuses on your individual needs and is fully accepting of your individuality.

Creativity and technical skills
Teaching that allows you to learn new technical skills and develop your creativity, and leave inspired to continue to develop your skills further at home.

Welcoming studio
The Gallery Studio is a warm, creative and friendly space offering a relaxed informal, yet focused, teaching style.

Choose this course if you’re ready to take the next steps to establishing a strong confident foundation in drawing and mixed media.

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“Firstly it was a very supportive and relaxed environment.  Brian was very positive about your work.  I feel very enthusiastic about continuing my art outside the class.”
Chris B

“A very enjoyable experience where I learned so much.  Brian is a great tutor and the environment is inspiring.  I’ve learnt how to structure drawings but also how to find my own style.”
Chris C

“Extremely informative and challenging.  The textures exercise was particularly good fun. 
Stephen C

Choosing the right course

Courses are grouped into 4 strands, each with a different focus. 
Create your own patchwork of courses depending on your interest and availability. 
There is no specific starting point.


Fundamental building blocks applicable to all art styles


Materials + techniques to fall in love with


Stand out – learn to develop a strong artistic voice.


Ongoing development away from formal courses


  1. Michelle Hughes
    23 January 2019 @ 11:51 pm

    I am interested in these classes for adults and I have a BA honours degree in art and design. I do paint at home now and would love to mix with other students with same interests as me


    • artfulantics
      26 January 2019 @ 9:32 pm

      Hi Michelle. I teach this course a few times a year. I am currently teaching this course this weekend but there will be a course in the Summer.
      Kind regards


      • artfulantics
        14 April 2019 @ 3:14 pm

        HI Michelle.
        I hope you are well. The next Creative Drawing course is on 11+12 May if you are still interested. Email me if you have any questions. Best Regards, Brian.


  2. Nia Evans
    15 January 2019 @ 6:48 am

    Pleasecould you add me to waitlist


    • artfulantics
      16 January 2019 @ 6:47 pm

      Hi Nia

      Thank you for your interest in this course. I have added you to the waiting list and will let you know if a place becomes available.
      Kind regards


  3. Jane Tyler-Collings
    4 January 2019 @ 11:44 am

    Hi! I am interested in future dates for the creative drawing weekend course. I am also interested in courses on illustration – anything you could suggest?
    Thanks Jane


    • artfulantics
      5 January 2019 @ 12:07 pm

      Hi Jane
      Thank you for contacting me. The next Creative Drawing course is on 26+27 January. HERE is a link.
      Unfortunately I don’t offer illustration courses, however I hope to be offering a Manga and comic illustration course in the Autumn – details of the course are here and future dates will follow later in the year.
      I hope this helps. Feel free to email me if you have any more questions.
      Best regards


  4. Julie Collins
    28 December 2018 @ 12:54 am

    Please add me to the waiting list for Intro to creative drawing, January.


    • artfulantics
      28 December 2018 @ 9:05 am

      Hi Julie
      Good to hear from you. I have put you on the waiting list and will let you know if a place becomes available. Have a wonderful 2019 and I hope to see you again soon. Bx


  5. victoria
    2 February 2018 @ 11:57 pm

    I would be interested to sign up for a creative drawing class when the next dates become available Mid-to end of Feb


    • artfulantics
      3 February 2018 @ 7:53 pm

      Hi Victoria
      I will email you with the new course dates soon. Kind regards


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