Contemporary still life

Re-interpreting still life - oil pastel drawing

Contemporary still life.

So much more than still life! Explore ways of creating the pictures you imagine. Gain control of how you use your page.

Re-imagine what you see

Working from still life objects you will be encouraged to rigorously re-imagine and re-interpret the display in creative and personal ways.  The course exercises will enable you to develop a personal response to the still life objects.

Discover your own artist’s voice

Everything you learn can equally be used when creating landscapes or figurative work.


“Don’t hesitate to book it. You’ll meet all abilities there and Brian matches his approach to your skill level.  All levels of experience are catered for in a welcoming and small group.”
Neale G

“Very intense, but light-hearted – very focused.  A good pace – gently challenged! I became more courageous.”
Barbara B

“Second day I felt locked unable to do anything and with help from Brian moved through it to complete a full picture.”
Ruth J



Includes most materials

ADULT, Teaching Level 1



5 places remaining

Course details

This may be a still life course but it is also a whole lot more.

All too often we simply draw what we see in front of us rather than search for that personal viewpoint to make a drawing that expresses your ideas and unique view of the world.  You will learn techniques that will help you ‘mix things up a bit’, and through a variety of drawing, painting and mixed media techniques create very personal responses to a variety of still life themes.  By the end of the course you will have learnt a variety of techniques and have taken a significant step towards finding your own voice as an artist.

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Session 1
The course begins by looking at other artists still life drawings and paintings.  Through talking about the art works we will begin to learn how other artists create unique looking images.  Developing your own visual thinking is key to uncovering your personal style and artistic voice and this session will explore this by developing drawings in both soft chalk and oil pastels.

Session 2
This session follows on by looking closely at the still life to discover interesting textures to inspire unique mark-making, teaching you ways to draw rich interesting surface detail to engage viewers. Everything you have learnt so far will give you the opportunity to draw the still life with your own personal vision, uncovering your unique artistic voice.

Session 3
You will learn 2 new techniques in using soft chalk and oil pastels that will enable you to add layers of interest and depth to your drawings that will result in more satisfying and interesting artwork

Session 4
You will learn more about composition during this session as these principles need to be used to help you create stronger more dynamic drawings.  The remainder of this session will be dedicated time for you to pull together all the ideas you have learnt during the course and develop a final drawing that expresses your unique personal vision of the still life.

This final drawing will represent the beginnings of a journey that, over time, will ultimately enable you to confidently uncover your own unique artists voice.

What can I expect

Structured learning
Carefully structured teaching that will lead you step by step, giving you the confidence to try new things.  

Individual attention
Loads of individual 1:1 encouragement to explore, experiment and discover.

Inclusive + personalised learning
A teaching style that focuses on your individual needs and is fully accepting of your individuality.

Creativity and technical skills
Teaching that allows you to learn new technical skills and develop your creativity, and leave inspired to continue to develop your skills further at home.

Welcoming studio
The Gallery Studio is a warm, creative and friendly space offering a relaxed informal, yet focused, teaching style.

Choose this course if you want to learn how to create contemporary playful and self expressive still life drawings

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“A very enjoyable experience where I learned so much.  Brian is a great tutor and the environment is inspiring.  I’ve learnt how to structure drawings but also how to find my own style.”
Chris C

“Extremely informative and challenging.  The textures exercise was particularly good fun. 
Stephen C

Choosing the right course

Courses are grouped into 4 strands, each with a different focus. 
Create your own patchwork of courses depending on your interest and availability. 
There is no specific starting point.


Fundamental building blocks applicable to all art styles


Materials + techniques to fall in love with


Stand out – learn to develop a strong artistic voice.


Ongoing development away from formal courses


  1. Karen Badat
    16 January 2018 @ 10:07 am

    Can I please join the wait list for this course.

    With thanks


    • artfulantics
      17 January 2018 @ 9:30 pm

      HI Karen
      Thanks for your interest in this course. The next course runs on 19-20 may 2018 and booking is now open. many thanks for your interest. Kind regards, Brian


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