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Weekend art courses

Weekend courses for all experience levels to help you grow and develop as aspiring artists

Choose from a wide range of weekend art courses and workshops – all with outstanding teaching and lots of 1:1 support.

Our 1-day workshops are great if you are looking for a quick burst of inspiration. Our 2-day courses offer you a wide range of learning across different styles, themes and techniques from urban sketching, still life and abstract art.

Our  3-day extended courses enable you to fully immerse yourself in learning a variety of essential foundational skills and techniques.

1 day workshops

Sat or Sun

Explore multi-layered mark-making, surfaces and textures

Book individually or together over a single weekend

Experimental drawing

Sat workshop 1-day

Explore drawing in its purest form to help expand your gesture and mark-making skills

Mixed-media textures

Sun workshop 1-day

Create tactile mixed-media textures using acrylics and a variety of materials and techniques

Experience the thrill of charcoal drawing and pen + ink wash mixed media

Book individually or together over a single weekend

Charcoal drawing

Sat workshop 1-day

Discover the freedom of gestural drawing with willow, and the drama of compressed charcoal

Pen + ink wash drawing

Sun workshop 1-day

Embrace the freedom of drawing with black Indian ink and colourful drawing ink using dip pens, natural sticks and brushes.

2 day courses

Sat – Sun

Begin to draw + paint

Weekend course 2-days

The absolute-beginners guide to starting art, drawing and painting

Creative sketchbooks

Weekend course 2-days

Learn important sketchbook skills to enable your creativity and artistic vision to flourish

Realistic drawing

Weekend course 2-days

The perfect course to develop skills in drawing accurately and realistically from life using graphite + colour pencil

Expressive still-life

Weekend course 2-days

Learn to create with an inventive + self-expressive approach to create semi-abstract contemporary still-life artwork

Abstract Art

Weekend course 2-days

Learn 10 foundational keys to creating highly personal self-expressive abstract art

Urban sketching Ancoats

Weekend course 2-days

Build confidence in technical and creative urban sketching techniques with a focus on drawing buildings

Acrylic painting L1

Weekend course 2-days

The perfect introductory course for beginners to start learning acrylic painting skills and techniques

Acrylic painting L2

Weekend course 2-days

Further develop your acrylic painting with added skills, techniques and creative styles

3 day extended courses

Fri – Sun

Essential Drawing Foundations

Fri – Sun 3-day course

Learn core drawing skills to improve accuracy, perception and clarity of vision

Life drawing Foundations

Fri – Sun 3-day course

A unique tutor-led course for beginners and experienced drawers teaching an innovative experiential life drawing approach

This is what our students have to say


  1. Lena
    17 December 2023 @ 8:37 pm

    I am interested in a weekend workshop in life drawing / portrature, will there be any in the new year?


  2. Barbara Ingley
    31 October 2020 @ 12:16 pm

    Even though I am unable to participate at the moment, I cannot recommend these courses highly enough! Really friendly, enjoyable and intuitive!


    • artfulantics
      1 November 2020 @ 8:48 am

      Hi Barbara.
      Hope you are well – good to hear from you again. Thank you for the ‘thumbs up’ about my courses.
      Much appreciated. See you soon.
      Take care, Brian


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