Art + Creativity-Drawing Skills: Spring 2022

It has more than met my expectations. {my course highlights were] feeling freed up from ‘shoulds’ and ‘not good enough’.”

Hazel B

What a fabulously creative and inspiring way to start the New Year and not only that – every Monday morning for 10 weeks with a good dose of art to inspire. It was so rewarding seeing students’ confidence grow week by week even though some sessions offered more challenges than others. I think everyone found their confidence grow as their skills and understanding of the art making process grew and was added to week on week. Read further to find out what the students thought of their creative experiences.

Student comments

“I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to improve or hone fundamental art skills. Brian has created a fantastic structure that builds each theme explored on the previous. The course was what I hoped for — and delivered even more in terms of the theory and understanding of fundamental art principles. I enjoyed all the classes and topics covered, but the highlight for me was learning how to go about drawing observationally using simple steps, building from simple to detailed; I feel that is a toolset I will be employing in every piece of artwork I create going forward. I also greatly enjoyed exploring other materials and learning about fundamentals such as tone and colour.”
Emma W

“Very informative and enjoyable. There is a considerable amount of information given and it does require work at home to consolidate the teaching. [My course highlights were] enjoyed being in a group. Lovely relaxed atmosphere and very informative. It has met my expectations and I intend to continue as I enjoy the process and the teaching. Five stars”
Colette F

“I have felt so enabled by this course and have become more confident.
Hazel B

“A valuable, quite intensive course in a friendly environment. Excellent teaching. [I have learnt] creating a full tonal range using pencil, composition, perspective and colour theory. Also learnt to use pastels and shading pencils, picture balance using colour, shape, detail and tone. I feel it has developed my skills in many areas. It was also very enjoyable.”
Mark G

“I found this course to be approachable, encouraging and supportive which quickly allayed any concerns I had. [My course highlights are] Brian’s clear instructions, approachability and support. The warmth nd support of the group. The ‘aha’ moments when the individual concepts started to coalesce and I felt I was really understanding something and able to apply it to my work. I quite simply wanted to develop some drawing skills, a foundation, so that i would have the confidence and courage to use a sketchbook. This course happily met those expectations and moreover supplied me with tools I can use to begin to approach a piece of work, plan and then develop it.”
Tricia B