Art + Creativity: Drawing Skills – Spring 2023

“Brilliant, learned loads. As a complete beginner I was apprehensive, but it was even better than I’d hoped.”

Helen E

This has been an amazing course to teach and support students to grow and develop as artists. All the students have given so much of thir enthusiasm and dedication on all the exercises and tasks and homework as well. One of the most enjoyable aspects for me is seeing people’s confidence grow in our Show + Share sessions where we all share our work and exchange ideas, reflections and feeback on the completed work.  All students have been supportive of each other and celebrated the different style of artwork and inteersts. Many have progressed to the next term about Material Techniques.

Read further to find out what the students thought of their experience.

Student Comments

“The course has exceeded my expectations. [I’ve learned] the 5-step drawing process, composition, form… how to see.”
Anthony S

“Really enjoyed learning the basics of drawing from mark-making to colour and composition as well as all the other elements required to create a picture. Have learnt how to apply line, tone, form, colour, texture, shape and pattern and how these relate. I feel much more confident in starting a project as a result. {my course highlight was] learning perspective as I’d never done it. Basic techniques for drawing and colour were explained and practiced [in the studio] and enabled me to practice at home regularly.”
Jeff H

 “My first experience of taught drawing and painting. I enjoyed and learned from the information given. I’ve learned ways of seeing and understanding how to capture that on paper. I think that will give me more choices and structure my preferences into the future. It’s a broad introduction and its hard to assimilate – those who did more drawing and painting outside the sessions [homework] gained more. Its still quite a confusing blur but I need to draw and practice. Thank you”
Seona O

“It lays down the foundations for drawing in a step-by-step process in a relaxed way. [I have learnt] a lot. Regarding techniques for drawing and how to be a better at measuring, etc. [Has the course met your expectations?] Yes +++ thank you so much.”
Sarah H

“Brilliant, learned loads – drawing, materials – still lives. [My course highlights were] all of it. As a complete beginner I was apprehensive, but it was even better than I’d hoped.”
Helen E

“Well informed, step by step description method and flow of object. Good understanding of colour, lines. Overall this is a good choice to take part in. [I have learned about] drawing methodology, object placing with shading, the light elements in objects to make an interesting painting with full of statement. Colour planning, balancing with background. [My course highlights were to] fully understand yourself in drawing, by expressing in shade and colours. What I had expected the course has met beyond. I am totally happy with what I had learnt.”
Shabana J

“Well informed, lots of directional assistance where required, freedom to work at own competency. [I have learned] spatial awareness, tonal balancing has been a key takeaway and something I’m going to continue to progress. [My course highlights were] oil pastels and inks and longer periods of time to work on set pieces. Practical time shorter than anticipated, however I hadn’t considered how fast 2.5 hours go . All points content-wise has been really helpful and digestible. Thank you”
Vicky F

“I’ve really enjoyed the course. It’s definitely helped me improve my drawing skills but also has encouraged me to explore a wider range of art materials. I have found the teaching on Art Elements and Art principles and composition very helpful. [I have learned] drawing methodology has been particularly helpful. I’ve also enjoyed looking at examples of art works (from both art history and work of other participants on the course). [My course highlights] have been the opportunity and encouragement to work with a wider range of art materials. The course has more than met my expectations. I’ve learnt lots and found it very stimulating and given me lots of ideas and topics I want to investigate further.”
Bernie M