Art + Creativity: Material Techniques – 2023

“Such a well balanced creative outlet with lots of opportunity to explore materials.”

Vicky F

As a teacher it was fabulous having the opportunity to continue supporting the students over an extended period of time. The majority of the class group were students who started the course in January and have now completed 20 of the 30-week course. We had 2 new students join us who will be completing the course over 2 years.

Read further to find out what the students thought of their course experience.

Student comments

“No matter how I feel walking into the course, I always leave uplifted, less judgemental on myself and productive. Such a well balanced creative outlet with lots of opportunity to explore materials. [I have learnt to] become less fixed and more flexible in my approach to art – more proficient in handling materials, realising my own personal style and preference to allow me to pursue a direction. This course has further developed my art style which is a big positive, more time for future courses would be personally beneficial.”
Vicky F

“This is a course to explore different art materials and how they work and to experiment with them. I’ve learnt about the ‘chemistry’ of art materials and how to use them. [My course highlights have been] trying different materials and homework projects. The course has met my expectations. Maybe extend sessions to focus on a piece of work?”
Anthony S

“Calm, mindful Monday mornings in a tranquil studio with Brian patiently encouraging you to find new ways to creatively express yourself. [I have learnt] to slow down and move through a process, see the value in mistakes and giving the materials space to see where they go. [My course highlights were] collage – possibly my new favourite medium! That was a surprise. And the lovely supportive atmosphere in the group. The course has introduced me to more materials and techniques than I would have anticipated over the 10 mornings.”
Jen C

“Detailed explanation, good atmosphere. Friendly – good time investment. Learnt what is actually a art and artist perspective toward visual art and real things, composition, tones and mood reflection. [The course] was a perfect journey to exploring new ideas of an art and artists viewpoint, in any medium of material.”
Shabana M

“I’ve really enjoyed all the session this term and found them very stimulating and educational. There’s been lots of challenge on the course but I view this as a positive as it has given me lots of ideas for activities that I plan to revisit in future. Main learning has been about the properties and nature of different materials and the potential these have for creative activities. My main takeaway has been to broaden my horizons about how I can develop a practice as a creative person – got lots of ideas for things I want to follow up on. I think I expected there to be more emphasis on observational drawing, although this is not intended as a criticism as I’ve really begun to appreciate how exploring different materials feeds back into developing observational skills.” {Very true – each material demands we observe different aspects of the objects we draw as the different materials have different qualities able to express something different about the things we draw – Brian.}
Bernie M

“Thank you so much Brian. Really amazing exploration of materials. Challenging yourself with things you’ve never tried and having the guidance to use the materials to create your desired style. [I have learned] not to be afraid to try things and get it ‘wrong’. When you have passion for a specific material, experiment with it as much as you can. [My course highlight was ] charcoal. Group feedback was so positive. The course was incredible. Coming in not having much experience with artistic materials and composition, I felt very encouraged.”
Morven B

“A wonderful opportunity to explore different materials in making pictures. I learned such a lot and enjoyed it immensely. I learned some new techniques and experienced the range of different materials. I learned what excited me, what I found difficult. I thought more about what I wanted my drawing and paintings to be. I wanted to develop some confidence and get a sense of myself as an artist. I have begun my journey thanks to the experience gained and Brian’s feedback.”
Seona O