Art Elements – Spring 2020

“Exactly what you need to start a fabulous new venture – go for it!!”

Karen C

I’m a bit late posting this after the Art Elements course in February 2020 because Covid-19 came along and changed the world!!  Little did I know this was to be one of the last courses I was to teach for about 6 months.  And one of the last courses with a studio full with 10 students – how times have changed.  However the students had a valuable and enjoyable time and you can read their testimonials below.

Student Comments

“This is a valuable course to help with getting to grips with essential details. I’ve learnt to be more patient to layer and shade more to build my pieces up gradually.”
Seamus M
“A great way to learn about the things that you would overlook in art – power of lines, using colour as tones, structuring an artwork, concentrating on detail. I liked how comfortable everyone was around each other – very relaxed.”
Sam K
“Exactly what you need to start a fabulous new venture – go for it!!” My course highlight was “feeling free to draw what I see and express my art without being judged. Brian is an excellent teacher, very patient, and explained things well.”
Karen C
“Really interesting.  More educational than I thought it was going to be.”
Simon C
“Worthwhile learned a lot. Really useful to go through each art element one at a time.” My course highlight was “I enjoyed the collage in week 5, never tried anything like this before.”
Ruth C
“It’s good fun and it doesn’t matter if you’re experienced or not.  You will learn more than just techniques and skills and you’ll start seeing things and art from different perspectives.”
Pris C
“I enjoyed the time to play and test out some new techniques as well as see how elements are used practically. It’s been interesting to think about how the elements fit into pieces and how they fit across styles.” My course highlight was “really enjoyed the tone session.”
Matt J
“Relaxing, welcoming, fun, inspiring, informative.  The art elements give my organic abstract art some form, depth and balance – which they lacked [before].”  My course highlight was “great balance between instruction, inspiration, practice and guidance.”
Christine R