Art Elements – Summer 2021

“Really friendly, encouraging and informative.”

Steph B

I was so happy to be able to teach this course once again after the lifting of lockdown.  Working with students over 6 weeks is great and is lovely to see how they are able to build on their skills week on week.  Read further to find out what they thought of their experience.


Student comments

“We investigated the critical elements that go into making a drawing or painting.  Each week we focussed on one aspect and practiced a way of looking – and as we progressed, we began to integrate the elements together to give a more unified approach.”  My course highlight was “the practice in class is enormously helpful in putting the ideas that have been explained to us.”
Steve J

“It’s great to spend dedicated time doing art and being pushed outside of my comfort zone with different exercises. I feel I can now break a picture or compistion down into its component parts and see how and why it works. It has made me feel differently sbout my own style. Particularly it has made me really embrace the abstract!
Steph B

“As a beginner, I learnt how the different elements can be combined in the picture – I enjoyed the theory part and how it can be applied. I have found the course very useful and I have appreciated the advice, even if I am a complete beginner.”
Vincenza M

“Learning the Art Elements, the basic component techniques which underpin all art – becoming aware of these building blocks and underpinning skills which must be combined to produce art.” My course highlight was “becoming aware. Learning to see. Putting it all together to produce more informed artwork.”
Paul C