The Art Elements – Summer 2022

“Thorough, engaging and comprehensive course which has enabled me to learn so much whilst having fun in a relaxed environment.”

Bonita J
We had a small group for this Art Elements course but this did not distract from the course experience as it gives me the opportunity to offer a more personalised learning experience and more support. Really enjoyed the group dynamics in the studio and seeing the different styles of the work produced by the students. Read further to find out what the students thought of their experience.

Student Comments

“The course had just the right balance of theory and practice, without being overwhelming. I’ve learned a lot about ow to make educated decisions as an artist to produce art that works compositionally and technically. I can apply the tips and knowledge about the art elements to my own style. I loved the final two sessions when we brought together what we learned from previous sessions. The abstract shape lesson was a favourite. The course met my expectations in terms of the material covered. I attended to give my existing practise some theoretical grounding and it has done that!”
Lizzie R
“I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who was starting our to draw. I have learned to understand art theory in a more structured way and understand how artists work. The course exceeded my expectations.”
Gary L
“I really enjoyed learning how to balance a picture. I will definitely use this when ‘stuck’ on what a picture needs {to be resolved}. [My course highlights were] just generally learning so much and being able to play around with the art elements. [The course presented me with] more learning and some challenging concepts that I anticipated – but this has been good.”
Bonita J
“Very accessible content and engaging manner and not too scary even for an absolute-beginner. I was hoping to be encouraged to try different types of materials – and that happened! I also hoped to just do something artistic – and I have done that too! I hope it will continue.”
Kate S
“Easy to follow, well explained and taught, well supported, useful feedback. Exceeded expectations – already looking for the next course.”
Martin Y