Creative Art Courses hosts different ‘peer-led’ art groups and clubs. Whatever you wish to call them – groups or clubs, these peer-led studio sessions are here to give my students and Greater Manchester residents as many opportunities to get involved in drawing, painting, craft, and generally being creative as is possible.  Everyone is welcome.

Art groups and clubs are a great way to develop your skills and creativity, and put into practice everything you have learnt after attending one of my courses.  But everyone is welcome, even if you have not attended a course in my studio, because joining an art group or club is a great way of improving and developing as an artist, meeting new friends, picking up new ideas.  
If you’re thinking about signing up for one of my art courses but feel a little unsure, it’s an easy way of finding out all about Creative Art Courses and discovering just how warm and welcoming my studio is. 

  • Ancoats Visual Arts

    The creative art club for everyone who loves the creative visual arts. 
    If you live anywhere within Greater Manchester, and especially Ancoats, Clayton, Beswick, Miles Platting or the Manchester city centre, this is this art group or club for you.  The aim of Ancoats Visual Arts group is to encourage Greater Manchester residents to get involved in drawing, painting, mixed-media and crafts while supporting each other in developing creativity and skills. This group or club is for all the people of Greater Manchester – from total beginners, to intermediate and experienced artists.

    Day: Wednesday, weekly
    Time: 12 – 3pm

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  • Creative Life drawing Manchester

    The group is for everyone who loves Life drawing. 
    Absolute beginners to experienced artists very welcome. If you love the challenges and rewards of life drawing then come along and join our sessions.  We are a small, friendly and supportive group of artists. This group is ideal for total beginners, to intermediate and experienced life drawers. We are supportive of everyone who is looking to learn and improve their life drawing, painting, mixed media or sculpture.  The studio is a safe place for being creative and experimenting with new techniques.

    Day: 1st, 3rd + 4th Tuesdays
    Time: 6.30 – 8.30pm

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  • High quality teaching to nurture your creative spirit, actively encouraging you to find and develop your own artistic voice.
  • Your learning and artistic self-confidence lies at the heart of every art course I have planned.
  • Art courses and drawing classes designed around your needs as a developing artist.
  • Skills and techniques that provide the springboard to your future artistic independence can be learnt on all my drawing classes.
  • All ability levels are welcome on all my art courses and drawing classes.  My teaching suits all ability levels.