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Art teacher CPD

Art Teacher CPD

CPD courses to help re-energise teachers ability to deliver quality content-rich teaching
These courses will support art teachers’ Continuing Professional Development
Perfect to support schools in achieving the Artsmark Award


KS 2 non subject-specialist teachers 
KS 3-5 specialist art teachers

Session choice

6-session courses
1-session workshops

Venue choice

my studio or
your school

Booking choice

online, cheque

What do my students think?

“I teach the after school art club for pupil enrichment and cover all primary ages. I have used a lot of what we learned in the Art Elements course with all of the age groups and they really loved learning to observe and use line, shape and form and light in their pictures. We used this to have a go at Picasso style self portraits, a Kandinsky inspired painting and a still life of fruit to get a feel for the way light and shadow creates form.  We’d love to come to your classes again soon!”
Linda L (Primary)


“Engaging, helpful and enjoyable. Came away with a wealth of knowledge about art and how complex it is. I have learnt all of the elements of art which are on the primary [school] curriculum. This will help me put together planning for the school to use from year 1 to year 6.”
Alex M (Primary)

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