Begin to draw + paint: Feb 2019

All areas described on the webpage were covered. Please can you make time slow down so we can do more.”

Julie G

The Begin to draw + paint courses are a joy to teach. Seeing students build their confidence and relish their time focused on learning new drawing and painting skills – discovering materials they like – meeting like-minded people and leaving with new skills and boosted confidence, makes teaching so enjoyable. As Lynn B stated about what she thought were the highlights, “All of it”. Read further to see what the other students thought of the course.

Student Testimonials

“… the course opened my eyes to important considerations that I had failed to appreciate. It explained why I have never been satisfied with any of my previous efforts.”
Lynn B

“Very enjoyable. Engaging teacher. My highlights were “the first day. Didn’t really enjoy the painting, though that was entirely down to me, not the course or teacher. Enjoyed the drawing though”
Gareth J

“Really enjoyable, informative, inspirational. Brian is very encouraging and non-judgemental. The course fosters a very supportive atmosphere which improves learning.” My course highlight was “Learning that I didn’t need to be afraid of painting.”
Jude C

“I have learnt such a lot – ideal for beginners. Very supportive tutor – no one made to feel a failure.”
Bente L

“Very educational and easy to learn. It’s a all round experience to learn drawing and painting – covers a lot.” My course highlight was “Learning to paint with 2 types of paint.”
Nigel G

“Really interesting, Creative, Instructive, Great atmosphere. Instruction given in a clear way, easy to follow. My course highlight was “Using charcoal and pastels created a new sense of freedom.”
Julie G

“It was really interesting + really fun getting to experiment with different materials. I feel like I know a lot more about drawing and painting because of this class.” My Highlight was that “I particularly liked using the pastels and charcoal and comparing/contrasting the two.”
Steph A

“A good all round introduction to different methods of drawing and painting materials. The course highlight for me was that “it was a really friendly and open environment for making a fool of yourself ”
Mike A

“Don’t be nervous just give it a go.” I learnt “measuring techniques and checking, materials and their differences. My course highlight was “getting the right proportions!”
Jennifer C

“I was very nervous but it turned out to be very interesting and a lovely experience. I liked everything.”
Wyn B

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