Begin to draw + paint : 21-22 April 2018

Begin to draw + paint course diary

The Begin to draw + paint weekend course last week was once again fully booked.  It was a lovely group of students to teach who all got along well and supported each other in their learning.  Lizzie considered the course to be “Amazing – awesome – informative – detailed.”  She was also generous enough to leave the comment that, “Brian [me!] is very talented to cram such detailed descriptions into the lessons whilst managing a large group [10] of people and making it fun.”  Sowhat did we get up to?

Day 1 of the weekend is the more technical day of the course with a lot of learning about perspective and methodology of drawing.  Developing the right approach to how we start to draw is important and it was amazing seeing how adopting this approach immediately enabled people to draw more accurately.  By the end of the day students had an excellent grounding in measuring techniques, perspective and how to approach drawings step by step.  Also – most importantly of all – they understand that for all the technicality of drawing their individual creativity and personal style is MOST IMPORTANT of all!

Day 2 of the weekend is far more relaxed and fun and it focuses on playing with materials – not so that students can become experts in any of them but as a compare and contrast exercise and give students a chance to experience using materials some of them have not used before.

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