Begin to draw + paint – April 2021

“Very Helpful + interesting – a good beginners guide.”

Dayna R

We’re back after a long break due to Covid!! What an absolute joy it was to be teaching again in my studio, supporting and guiding students.  Teaching the Begin to draw + paint course is always a pleasure and this course was extra special.  6 students – still reduced due to the need for social distancing, gathered together to take their first steps in drawing and painting, learning techniques to help them see and observe and how to render accurately.  We also experimented with a range of media to compare and contrast how they work and their expressive qualities.  Read further to find out what the students thought of their course.

Student Comments

“I enjoyed the course very much.  I did not have experience in drawing and painting but the time I spent for this 2 days has helped me to understand how to draw + paint.”
Tzaking K

“Good teaching and help.”
Richard W

“To someone who is thinking of booking – do it! It is delivered in a very relaxed, informal but informative way.  Any anxiety about ‘making marks’ [drawing] is removed!
Carole R

“Really enjoyable weekend.  Covered so much ground and worked so hard! Bit never a dull moment and felt good to be learning so many new skills.”
Paul C