Begin to draw + paint – Feb 2020

“Well structured, informative and fun.”

Deborah L

I taught another very enjoyable Begin to draw + paint course. The group of students got off to a fab start, introducing themselves, chatting and getting to know each other – creating a real buzz of new friendships and anticipation in the studio. As Laurence said after the weekend, “really informative and very friendly” – I hope every student found the studio as welcoming a venue for learning drawing and painting. Read further to find out what they thought of the course.

Student Testimonials

“Very enjoyable. Loads of things to try out and think about – measuring techniques for drawing, accuracy and realism. I enjoyed the drawing with charcoal and the acrylic paints most. It’s all good.”
Andy R

“Excellent overview and accessible to all levels.” I have learnt “drawing techniques – measuring dimensions/proportions and angles. Very much enjoyed watercolours.”
Laura G

“Very inspiring, therapeutic.”
Bashir N

“Just do it. Excellent in all aspects. Friendly atmosphere and very enjoyable. Great tutor, very friendly too. Great group.” I have learnt “techniques and structured method to general drawing and painting. New ways of thinking and looking at objects.” My course highlight was “being introduced to a method of constructing a picture.”
Takman W

“Very structured but tailored to an individual’s needs – never felt rushed, very good introduction to drawing and painting with excellent materials.” I learnt “how to control materials and think how to develop skills. Loved pastels.”
George R

“Really informative and very friendly. Would highly recommend! Gained a lot of confidence.” My course highlight was “acrylic painting/charcoal drawing.”
Laurence C

“An excellent introduction to techniques needed to draw in pencil and charcoal and to paint in acrylics and watercolour. Well structured, informative and fun. Brian is an excellent tutor, knowledgeable and helpful.” My course highlight was “still life drawing and watercolour – learning how to do both.”
Deborah L

“Loved it, really interesting and a great intro to basics of drawing theory and intro to materials.”
Lucy W