Begin to draw + paint: Feb 2022

“Exceeded my expectations. I was nervous before but I really relaxed from the beginning.”

Paul C
I enjoyed teaching this wonderful group of students who showed such determination to make the most of the teaching and try out all the new approachess to drawing and all the different materials and techniques I introduced to them. Read further to find out what the students thought of their experience on the course.

Student comments

“Brian was fantastic, calm and patient putting you all at ease. Experienced and professional showcasing the different techniques and skills in an easy to understand format and making the introduction to drawing manageable for a beginner group. It was different from what I had imagined – expecting my limited knowledge to be be built on – but what we got was expert theory and practice on drawing and painting.” My course highlights were “everything! Particularly enjoyed Brian’s approach, friendliness, skill. Willow charcoal, watercolour and drawing techniques.”
Kate M
“A really good basis to start from. Strong information backed up with understandable language. Brian is a great teacher and good fun too! I got a real sense of accomplishment at the end!”
Jo N
“I loved it! I loved all the different techniques and I feel my art making has significantly improved in just one short weekend. I had such little knowledge beforehand that each new skill or technique has been revelatory. The drawing skills require more practise but they’ll help. I really enjoyed the relaxed welcoming atmosphere. The group was a good size all of similar experience. Could have done with a few [more] breaks.”
Kellie B
“Enjoyable. Don’t be afraid of your own inexperience and inhibitions. [Gained an] understanding of basic techniques and an opportunity to practice them in a supportive environment.”
Richard D
“Really laid back and enjoyable course. Brian is a great teacher. You wil learn learn a lot in just 2 days. Lovely space too. We were really well looked after. Will definitely do another course and look forward to practicing more.”
Paul C
“A lovely experience with a delightful instructor. Exudes patience and kindness with a whole variety of students. Very much recommended to those starting out. Loved the contrast between the energy of pastels and the calmness of watercolours. I feel like I leave with more confidence. Thanks for a fantastic weekend, I enjoyed every moment.”
Andrew B
“Amazing introduction to drawing and painting techniques using a range of different materials. I can already see see an improvement after just two days and Brian was very clear and encouragement in his approach.”
Sophie P
“Very enjoyable. Learnt a lot about different techniques. Brilliant for a beginner. Great tutor. Friendly group. Has given me techniques and tips on how to progress with drawing and painting. I’ve had a very enjoyable two days. very inspiring, lovely tutor.”
Ann R